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Welcome Back Sailors – (Love) That’s All

Welcome Back Sailors – Stronger

Both tracks are taken from the newest 6-track digital/cassette EP “(Love) That’s All” by the Italian duo Welcome Back Sailors (Danilo Incerti and Alessio Artoni) through Crash Symbols‘ bandcamp, HERE. The EP includes a song ‘Stronger’ (His Clancyness Cover) and a couple of remixes by Death in Plains and Keep Shelly in Athens. Thank you Danilo.

His Clancyness meets LIFE & LIMB, a new project of Andrea Mangia (aka Populous).

A Classic Education – I Lost Time / Video by Enrico Boccioletti
The song is taken from “Hey There Stranger” (2010 Lefse Records)

A Classic Education – Gone To Sea

A 6-piece indie outfit from Bologna, Italy, A Classic Education consists of Jonathan Clancy aka His Clancyness (from Ottawa now he lives in northern Italy) and his friends in Italy, Luca Mazzieri, Paul Pieretto, Giulia Mazza, Federico Oppi, and Stefano Roveda.  Their latest release “Hey There Stranger” (out now on Lefse) which contains 11 tracks including 5 remix tracks by Banjo or Freakout, Welcome Back Sailors among others.

His Clancyness – How It’s Done In Italy
My Bubba & Mi – How It’s Done In Italy

Danish trio My bubba & Mi and Jonathan Clancy aka His Clancyness (from Ottawa now he lives in northern Italy) just released a free digital download of ‘How it’s done in Italy’ for celebrating the one-year anniversary of Italian label We Were Never Being Boring.  ‘How it’s done in Italy’ is an unreleased song written by My bubba & Mi when they recorded their debut full length “How it’s done in Italy” in Italy, available via Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck (benelux) & We Were Never Being Boring.  His Clancyness’ latest full length cassette “Always Mist” is available now via Mirror Universe Tapes.

His Clancyness – Summer Majestic