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Keep Shelly In Athens – Hauntin’ Me

Video by Jamie Harley. Footage from Mikhail Kalatozov’s (ミハイル・カラトーゾフ) Letyat zhuravli AKA The Cranes Are Flying (鶴は翔んでゆく/1957) and Neotpravlennoye Pismo AKA The Unsent Letter (送られなかった手紙/1959).

Keep Shelly in Athens – Song To Cheer You Up

Keep Shelly In Athens‘ (the duo from Athens, Greece) ‘Hauntin’ Me’ b/w ‘Song To Cheer You Up’ 7″ single is out now on Transparent.

Memory Tapes - Today is our Life (january 2011)
Footage from Busby Berkeley, Man Ray and Herman.C.Weinberg
c 2011 Something In Construction
Normal Music / Bucks Music

Memory Tapes – Today Is Our Life

‘Today is our Life’ is a new track taken from their upcoming second LP.