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The Shivas – Baby I Need You
The Shivas – Jared Wait – Molyneux, Eric Shanafelt, Rob Mannering and Kristin Leonard, from Portland, OR.

Official music video for “Baby I Need You” by The Shivas from their full-length, WHITEOUT! Available now from the K Mail Order Dept, HERE.  
Recorded in Portland, Oregon by Collin Hegna of Federale, and of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Shivas captured their raw, high-energy live show. Whiteout! [KLP243] features performances by members of SexyWaterSpiders, Dandy Warhols, and other friends and neighbors.

The July/August, 2012 The Believer magazine Music Issue is accompanied by “Love Songs for Lamps”, the mixtape Calvin Johnson curated for the magazine, it was mastered at Dub Narcotic. Buy a copy of this issue, HERE.
(Illustration by Charles Burns)

A1. Hysterics, “Leave Me Alone”
A2. The Memories, “Higher”
A3. Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles, “Itching Around”
A4. Soviet, “Marbleyezed”
A5. Tomorrows Tulips, “Untitled”
A6. Laura Leif and Amber Phelps Bondaroff, “Love Song for Lamps”
A7. Skrill Meadow, “Takin’ My Time”
A8. MOM, “Boner Party (Tonite)”
A9. KMVP, “Montreal Screwjob”
A10. White Rainbow, “Darker Drift” (4:20 excerpt)
A11. The Great White Jenkins, “Where Shall I Be”
A12. Broken Water, “Normal Never Happened”

B1. Briana Marela, “Take Care of Me”
B2. The Shivas, “Thrill Yr Idols”
B3. Ruby Fray, “Love That Disease”
B4. Baby Island, “King’s Crossing”
B5. Erin Earthling, “Bike”
B6. Old Night, “Old Night”
B7. Margy Pepper, “Little Cat”
B8. Happy Noose, “One Way Ticket”
B9. Lovers Without Borders, “Athena from Bow”
B10. Mansion Music, “Maps”
B11. Sewn Leather, “How It Works”
B12. Priests, Diet Coke”

released 01 January 2012

released 26 February 2012

“Love Songs for Lamps” Roadshow
Aug. 10 ~ Aug. 23, 2012


Calvin Johnson has been well known as the co-founder, owner of K Records in Olympia, Washington since 1982, and the formerly member of the bands Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team, The Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic Sound System. The Hive Dwellers is his most recent band that he’s been playing for about three years now and currently the band comprises of Gabriel Will, Evan Hashi and Calvin Johnson. The forthcoming Hive Dwellers album “Hewn from the Wilderness,” recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, is due out on June 12th via K / May 16th via 7e.p. (Japan).

The Hive Dwellers – “Tell-Tale Heart”
Recorded March 20th, 2012 during a practice session at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, Washington, USA. Gabriel Will on bass, Evan Hashi on drums, & Calvin Johnson on guitar & voice.

Karl Blau and Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic studio (via)

Lovers without Borders on St. Valentine’s Day, 2012.
They’ve just recorded 4 songs at Dub Narcotic studio for the upcoming 7″ on IPU (International Pop Underground) series. Engineered by Calvin Johnson and Eli Moore (of LAKE). The session includes cover of Lois song ‘The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World.’ (via k Records)

Lovers Without Borders – The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Lois cover)

LOVERS WITHOUT BORDERS is a latest combo of Karl Blau, K Records veteran and Anacortes resident. Karl sings and plays saxophone with Jessica Bonin (of Daffodils) from Edison on drums, Allen Peril from Bellingham on guitar. Their 2011 self-titled 7-song cassette is now available via Dog Daze Tapes.

Lovers Without Borders – My Harem Shall All Have Hashbrowns

“The music on this cassette is the product of over two years of face-to-face recordings I collected from various regions of the country. About one-third of the artists here represent the Pacific Northwest, where I have been living over the past five years or so. I chose the Carter Family as the focus of the project mostly because their music is the foundation of American songwriting.” —Markly Morrison

America Salutes The Carter Family,” 30-track, 93-minute cassette which was compiled and recorded by Markly Morrison (Skrill Meadow, LAKE, Lazer Zeppelin), will soon be available on cassette via K Records, or now available digitally through the bandcamp.

All songs were recorded on portable cassette recorders by Morrison except #8. Cover art was designed and drawn by David Lasky, and colored by Frank M. Young. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Rita Forrester and the Carter Family Fold. Rita, a grand-daughter of Sara and A.P. Carter, suffered a horribly tragic house fire two years ago. It took the life of her husband, Bob Forrester.

Track List:
01. Dennis Driscoll – Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow
02. The Family Stoned – Wouldn’t Mind Dying
03. No-Good Redwood Ramblers – The Storms are on the Ocean
04. LAKE – Lonesome Valley
05. Maggie Morris – I Shall Never Marry
06. Golden Boots – What Would You Give In Exchange
07. Jeff Elbel – He Turned The Water Into Wine
08. Leviticus – The Poor Orphan Child
09. Fisher J Price – My Dixie Darling
10. Jeffery Lewis – Chewing Gum
11. Peter Stampfel – The Titanic
12. Pine Hill Haints – No Depression
13. Vince Brown and Monica Peabody – Gold Watch and Chain
14. Generifus – You Have Proved To Be False Hearted
15. Second Sacred Steel Band – the Dying Mother
16. Slippery Slopes – Sinking in the Lonesome Sea
17. Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy – Buddies in the Saddle
18. The Curious Mystery – Hello Stranger
19. the Great White Jenkins – Where Shall I Be
20. Castanets – Answer To the Weeping Willow
21. Jack Lewis and Marcie Lebrun – Single Girl Married Girl
22. Lazer Zeppelin – Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
23. Brian Hayes – Wildwood Flowers
24. Margy Pepper – Waltzing
25. Letters with Ariel Birks – Give Me the Roses While I Live
26. Calvin Johnson – Diamonds in the Rough
27. R. Stevie Moore – Little Darlin’ Pal of Mine
28. Paleo – Lulu Walls
29. Live Active Cultures – Let That Lie Alone
30. The Amazing & Incredible Randy – Will You Miss Me (When I’m Gone)

Carter Family Comics: Don’t Forget This Song
(Kickstarter campaign video, it successfully raised the funding goal)
For the upcoming Carter Family graphic novel, “Don’t Forget This Song” by David Lasky and Frank M. Young

LAKE – Efforts, video by Patrick McHale
from the latest album “Giving & Receiving” available on K / 7 e.p. (japan).
A music video for the band Lake using live-action shadow puppets. Shadow puppetry is hard! I should have animated it (like “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”).

Swimsuit – Sunlight

From Ypsilanti, Michigan, Swimsuit is a latest project of Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me, City Center, Mighty Clouds, Flashpapr), their debut full-length LP is coming out on Speakertree Records on June 28th.

All songs by Swimsuit. Recorded and mixed by Swimsuit and Ryan Howard, winter/spring 2011, in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Swimsuit is Amber, Dina, Fred, and Shelley.

City Center (Ryan Howard & Fred Thomas) – Cookies
from City Center‘s second full-length “REDEEMER” which was recorded by Chris Koltay at his High Bias studio in Detroit, out now on K Records.

City Center – Modern Love

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