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Anacortes, Washington based Ever Ending Kicks, formerly known as Motorbikes, is the solo project of Paul Adam Benson, the founder of Fontee Fount Recordings, who played in Mount Eerie’s backing band, Karl Blau, LAKE, and Hungry Cloud Darkening. Ever Ending Kicks’ first LP entitled “Notion Free” has been available through Fontee Fount. Also, “Weird Priorities” cassette, outtakes, demos from 2012, is available now, HERE

Ever Ending Kicks‘ first full-length “NOTION FREE” (released 20 July 2012) was recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes, Washington on March 10th – 14th by Nicholas Wilbur (Hungry Cloud Darkening). He also played Trombone on “You’ll Always Win” and “Notion Free”. The singers on “Singer Meet Hearer” and “Take What You Need” are Morgan Anderson, Garrett Critchlow, Rocky Evans, Mike Ferrario, Luuk Honey, Casey Smith, Tyler Jones, and Hannah Stephens. All songs written, arranged, and performed by Paul Adam Benson.

from “How to Execute?,” released 18 February 2011

arigato, Victoria

Karl Blau and Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic studio (via)

Lovers without Borders on St. Valentine’s Day, 2012.
They’ve just recorded 4 songs at Dub Narcotic studio for the upcoming 7″ on IPU (International Pop Underground) series. Engineered by Calvin Johnson and Eli Moore (of LAKE). The session includes cover of Lois song ‘The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World.’ (via k Records)

Lovers Without Borders – The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Lois cover)

LOVERS WITHOUT BORDERS is a latest combo of Karl Blau, K Records veteran and Anacortes resident. Karl sings and plays saxophone with Jessica Bonin (of Daffodils) from Edison on drums, Allen Peril from Bellingham on guitar. Their 2011 self-titled 7-song cassette is now available via Dog Daze Tapes.

Lovers Without Borders – My Harem Shall All Have Hashbrowns

Nicholas Krgovich (No Kids, Mount Eerie, P:ano, Gigi) & Karl Blau singing together at What The Heck Fest 2011 in Anacortes, WA. (SSG Music)
(via 7e.p.)

And Nicholas Krgovich’s latest single (7”+download) ‘It Never Was You’ is available on P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd.

It Never Was You by Nicholas Krgovich by P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd.

Key Losers – Bi-Focal

Key Losers is a band based in Portland, Oregon, whose songwriter, singer, guitarist, and only constant member is Katy Davidson (Lloyd & Michael, Cynthia Nelson Band, YACHT) . Davidson once led the band Dear Nora, which disbanded in 2008. “California Lite” is Key Losers’ first official full-length album, though Key Losers did release a 9-song “mini-album” called Adjust on States Rights Records in early 2010. Key Losers is a band that may be characterized by its concept-driven lyrics and melody-driven music.

California Lite” was engineered by Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) in Anacortes, Washington, during late 2010, due out on May 24th via Elverum’s P.W. Elverum and Sun. It was recorded by Katy and friends referred to as “Key Losers Black Crow Session Band” featuring Karl Blau (K Records), Greg Campanile (Total Noise), Andrew Dorsett (LAKE / K Records), Tom Filardo (Total Noise), Nick Krgovich (No Kids / Tomlab Records) and Eli Moore (LAKE / K Records).

Don’t Know Why (from “California Lite” by Key Losers) by P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd.

Smoggy Mountain High (from “California Lite” by Key Losers) by P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd.