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In Spring 2011 we were invited to perform a live soundtrack to a film at a temporary cinema in Hackney, East London. The film was Kenneth Anger‘s 1960′s cult classic Scorpio Rising and perform a live soundtrack we did. On July 1st, after many long hours perfecting the art of playing along to the film without getting distracted by the leather and the mustard, we played 12 new arrangements of the massive pop hits that appear on Anger’s original soundtrack.  –Peggy Sue

Brighton/London post-folk trio Peggy Sue comprises of Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw, Olly Joyce. Their 2011 second full-length “Acrobats,” produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, Giant Sand, Eels etc), is available via Wichita Recordings (UK) / Yep Roc (US). “Scorpio Rising” is available on their bandcamp and via Yep Roc, HERE.

All songs arranged and performed by Peggy Sue. 
All songs recorded and mixed by Jimmy Robertson at Darnley Road, London, July 2011-Feb 2012.

“We’re a transatlantic duo – Jonny Perl and myself – who make glamorous, spooky music. We’re influenced by non-rock popular music from the latter half of the twentieth century, such as soundtracks, exotica and dub, and ‘middle-of-the-road mavericks’ like Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg.”
An excerpt from Bizarre Magazine‘s interview with Robert Conroy (of Misty Roses):

Misty Roses – Villainess

taken from “Villainess” album (Frog Man Jake, 2009)

Misty Roses – Fantastic Voyage (David Bowie cover)

taken from the live sessions on Irene Trudel’s WFMU radio show, 26 October 2009. Robert Conroy performed a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ with his friend Greg Fasolino (of Bell Hollow) on 12-string guitar, they were both in the band Burning Rome back in ’86.

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Misty Roses: Wichita Linemen from the Black Lagoon, on Dangerous Minds

A dark, cinematic, transatlantic pop combo, Misty Roses are Jonny Perl (from London, instruments/programming) and Robert Conroy (from New York, voices/words). Misty Roses’ new 7″ vinyl, double A-side ‘Puce Woman (for Kenneth Anger)’ / ‘Queen Cobra (for Jack Smith)’ is out now via UK label, Exotic Pylon Records.

With a nod to the musical past, Misty Roses takes pop melodrama to modern heights. Their combination of electronic textures overlaid with a cinematic sense of musical storytelling reminds you somewhat of 60′s icons like The Zombies and The Association.   -Irene Trudel  (via FMA)


Kenneth Anger‘s Hollywood Babylon part 1
BBC documentary for the Arena series directed by Nigel Finch. Kenneth Anger hosts this one-hour documentary based on his best selling book by the same title.  In the film “Wonder Boys” (2000, based on Michael Chabon’s same-titled novel), you will find the book of Anger’s “Hollywood Babylon” on James Leer’s desk with Albert Camus’ “The Plague”, Truman Capote’s “Answered Prayers.”

Profile of Kenneth Anger, looking at the uproar his books on Hollywood scandals caused and journeying through the darker side of Hollywood’s history, including film clips, and Anger playing a guide with comedian Mike McShane playing the God of Hollywood. It also includes a look at some of Anger’s own work. 

A Midsummer Nights Dream (1935)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream” 1935

Directed By Max Reinhardt and William Dieterie
Music: Felix Mendelssohn / re-orchestrated by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

“A Dream Comes True: The Making of An Unusual Motion Picture”

Promotional film about the making of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – the Max Reinhardt film from 1935. This little film includes the only known footage of Erich Wolfgang Korngold playing the piano. It also manages to avoid showing any scenes with Shakespearean dialogue – Warner Brothers Studio was terrified it would put people off from seeing the film. Unique scenes of Reinhardt rehearsing and film of the Hollywood premiere on October 16 1935 complete this fascinating glimpse of movie history.  (via BRENDANGCARROLL)

The Orkustra – Adventures in Experimental Electric Orchestra 
from the San Francisco Psychedelic Underground

(Mexican Summer, 2010)  2 X LP + 18 Page Booklet 
+ Hand Written Liner Notes from Bobby Beausoleil + Unreleased Material

The Orkustra – Flash Gordon   (via Raven Sings the Blues


Biography (via Mexican Summer)

I had recently arrived in San Francisco when, in the fall of 1965, I conceived of assembling what I described then as “the first electrified symphony orchestra.” My 18th birthday had just passed and I possessed only modest abilities as a musician, but, being prone to such crazy notions, the concept seemed perfectly reasonable-this was the Haight-Ashbury of the mid-sixties, after all! A few months later a stable musical ensemble somewhat resembling my original conception had come into existence.

What I had imagined would be an “orchestra” of a dozen-or-so musicians proved in practice to be unmanageable. Instead, a coalition of five instrumentalists from various musical traditions—rock, classical, jazz, folk and blues—emerged as the core group. For what was essentially a reconceived rock band, the instrumentation was extremely unusual, comprising some combination of violin, oboe, standup bass, guitar, bouzouki, flute, organ, drums and percussion. All of the melodic instruments were modified for electric amplification.

The Orkustra’s brief day in the sun did not allow an opportunity to record a formal album. However, some recordings of the band’s practice sessions and live performances were made. These precious few artifacts have been carefully restored and compiled by Mexican Summer into a comprehensive double LP album.

Bobby BeauSoleil
Summer 2009