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Die Jungen – I Pray To You

“Shoegaze Pop meets Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound”
Die Jungen is a side project of Klaus Von Barrel from London-based indie Darkwave outfit The KVB. Die Jungen’s debut full-length “At Breat’s End” LP via LebensStrasse Records is available now, and available for digital download / streaming through the bandcamp.

Die Jungen – Every Day
Taken from the digital album ‘Just A Dream’ by Die Jungen (2011)

Die Jungen (means ‘The Youth’ in German) is a latest project by Klaus Von Barrel (of The KVB), hailing from Southhampton. Also…. “Die Jungen” is known as the name of a semianarchist group of German Social Democrats of the early 1890′s.