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“Piana” is the latest release by Gregory Rogove, best known for his work in Priestbird, Megapuss, and Devendra Banhart and The Grogs. The album is his first collection of instrumental, solo piano pieces inspired by Erik Satie and Claude Debussy, all music were composed by himself and performed by John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood). It also includes a DVD of visual and musical remixes. Available now on Knitting Factory Records.  
PIANA REMIX MUSIC BY: The Bees, Violens, Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood), Natalia Lafourcade, Devendra Banhart, Storms, Hecuba, Carly Margolis, Adam Green, Lucky Dragons.

Gregory Rogove – Jackyl
from the album “PIANA,” available now on Knitting Factory Records
Directed & Animated by Gregory Rogove and Diana Garcia
Cinematography by Autumn Durald / Edited by Phillip Gadrow

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Gregory Rogove – Jackyl (Violens Remix) by KnittingFactoryRecords

Sunken Sh-illy (Sunken Ships) (Billy Martin Remix) by KnittingFactoryRecords

Ash Black Bufflo – Buho

Ash Black Bufflo – Misery Is The Pilgrim’s Pasture

 ”It plays like an eighteen song, hour-long mix-tape that hits on a staggering number of touchstones – looping Steve Reich-inspired sound collage, field recordings, Moondog styled street romps, drone, fuzzed-out spaghetti western gloom, foggy tape hiss ponderings, concise violin pieces, experimentation on treated piano, and more.” 

Knitting Factory Records in Brooklyn has released Ash Black Bufflo‘s first full-length “Andasol” (translated “A Walk in the Sun” in Spanish). Ash Black Bufflo is the professional name of Portland-based music composer and experimental musician Jay Clarke who also performs and records with Dolorean, Holy Sons, Grails and others. Digital album “Andasol” including bonus track, is available on his bandcamp.

MARWENCOL (2010) official theatrical trailer
A film by Jeff Malmberg / Music by Ash Black Bufflo

“Marwencol” is a documentary about the fantasy world of Mark Hogancamp, who was savagely beaten and uses the fictitious 1/16 scale town, Marwencol, as therapy.