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Momma Don’t Allow,” featuring Chris Barber’s Jazz Band, is a short British documentary film about a north London jazz club “Wood Green Jazz Club” made in 1955. It was co-directed by Karel Reisz and Tony Richardson and filmed by Walter Lassally. It was produced by the British Film Institute Experimental Film Fund. It was first shown as part of the first Free cinema programme at the National Film Theatre in February 1956.

Momma Don’t Allow

Hailing from London Thidius are;
George Risk, Izzy risk, James wilson, Freddie Nice, Pharaoh Smeaton-Russel

In Spring 2011 we were invited to perform a live soundtrack to a film at a temporary cinema in Hackney, East London. The film was Kenneth Anger‘s 1960′s cult classic Scorpio Rising and perform a live soundtrack we did. On July 1st, after many long hours perfecting the art of playing along to the film without getting distracted by the leather and the mustard, we played 12 new arrangements of the massive pop hits that appear on Anger’s original soundtrack.  –Peggy Sue

Brighton/London post-folk trio Peggy Sue comprises of Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw, Olly Joyce. Their 2011 second full-length “Acrobats,” produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, Giant Sand, Eels etc), is available via Wichita Recordings (UK) / Yep Roc (US). “Scorpio Rising” is available on their bandcamp and via Yep Roc, HERE.

All songs arranged and performed by Peggy Sue. 
All songs recorded and mixed by Jimmy Robertson at Darnley Road, London, July 2011-Feb 2012.

Die Jungen – I Pray To You

“Shoegaze Pop meets Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound”
Die Jungen is a side project of Klaus Von Barrel from London-based indie Darkwave outfit The KVB. Die Jungen’s debut full-length “At Breat’s End” LP via LebensStrasse Records is available now, and available for digital download / streaming through the bandcamp.

Weird Dreams – Little Girl

Weird Dreams – 666.66

Both tracks are taken from the first full-length “Choreography” by East London’s psych-pop four-piece Weird Dreams, due out on April 2nd via Tough Love Records. Pre-orders will be available early March. 
Weird Dreams are: Doran (Guitar and Vocals), Craig (Drums), James (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Hugo (Bass and Backing Vocals). The band was formed by Doran and Craig when they met working in a vintage clothes shop. Influences: The Beach Boys and David Lynch, Syl Johnson, O.V. Wright, Barbara Mason, Shirley Walton….

taken from the B-side of their “Holding Nails” 7″ single, released on October, 2011 via Tough Love Records.

Tronics – They’re Talking About Us

After the reissue of Tronics ‘Shark Fucks’ b/w ‘Time Off’ 7″ single, an indie New York label What’s Your Rupture? Records, their catalogue includes Comet Gain, Nodzzz, Love Is All and more…, set to reissue Tronics D.I.Y. London post-punk classic in 1981 “Love Backed By Force” LP/CD on February 14th. Pre-order, HERE.

Tronics – TV On In Bed

A post-punk band from London, Tronics — formerly known as the Gits with Ziro, a thrash/punk outfit in 1977 — were formed by Ronnie Git a.k.a. Ziro Baby (recently known as Zarjaz). Between 1979 and 1984 Tronics released four singles, a cassette, an LP and a flexi-disc. “Love Backed By Force” was recorded mainly by himself with Gaby de Vivienne.

Tronics – Shark Fucks b/w Time Off 7″ (What’s Your Rupture? /2012)

A London-based Chamber Folk/Jazz five-piece, The Magic Lantern comprises of Jamie Doe – Songwriter/Vocals/Guitar, Fred Thomas – Arrangements/Percussion/Guitars, Phil Stevenson – Guitars/Cavaquinho/Vocals, Lucy Railton – Cello, Dave Schulman – Clarinets. Fred Thomas has been known as a member of London’s F-IRE collective and founder/curator of F-IRE Klang Codex. Their debut album of this year “A world in a grain of sand,” has been available on on Hectic Eclectic Records.

A World in a Grain of Sand – Album Preview by TheMagicLantern

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