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BootsnKatz.com presents:
RVCA sessions vol. II :: the Allah Las Show + Interview
shot on location at the RVCA store in Los Angeles, CA
Camera – Jeremiah Flores, Joseph Sliker
Direction, Sound, Editing – Paolo Ferrari

The Allah-Las, a Los Angeles foursome consists of Miles Michaud (vocals/guitar), Spencer Dunham (bass), Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar), Matthew Correia (vocals/drums). Their debut single PRS 45-802: Allah-Las ‘Catamaran’ b/w ‘Long Journey’ was recorded at the Distillery in Costa Mesa, run by Mike McHugh, with Nick Waterhouse as producer, available from PRES Record Co..

Allah-Las – Catamaran

In the beginning of the Allah-Las back in 2008 ….
“Spencer and Miles grew up together, and they met Matt in high school in Manhattan Beach. Spencer and Matt got jobs at Amoeba, where they met Pedrum. Spencer still works at the music emporium, but the other two quit a while back.”

Gavin Thomas Toler – Holy Maximizer
Video by Nicolas Amato who also filmed John Maus, Ariel Pink and more.

released 30 August 2011

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, now Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Gavin Thomas Toler (formerly known as a member of Winter Flowers, Mystic Folk group formed in San Francisco) now performs and records his songpoems under his own true name. “Riding” EP is his debut release, you can download for free on his bandcamp. Vinyl coming this fall.

“On Monday 8th August Laurel Canyon folk singer, producer, musician Jonathan Wilson will release his Bella Union debut ‘Gentle Spirit’ in to the World… it is a record rooted in the spirit of Laurel Canyon sounding like a lost 70’s classic with nods to Neil Young and Roy Harper

“Gentle Spirit” was produced by himself, recorded in Laurel Canyon, then finished in his new Five Star Studio in the Echo Park section of LA. It features legendary musicians as special guests including Barry Goldberg, Gerald Johnson and Gary Mallaber, and some friends including Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), Andy Cabic and Otto Hauser (Vetiver), Chris Robinson and Adam McDougall (Black Crowes), Johnathan Rice, among others. All songs were written by Wilson except Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘The Way I Feel’ (1967).

“Jonathan Wilson, a native of Forest City, North Carolina, has been quietly earning a reputation as a musical jack-of-all-trades. He is adept behind the recording console, possesses a luthier’s knowledge of all things strummed, and maintains the innate ability to conceptualize an instrument essential to providing the right color to a track in need of a defining detail. Whether producing promising new recording artists like the band Dawes, or collaborating with renowned artists, such as Jackosn Browne, Erykah Badu and Elvis Costello.”

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit by jonathanwilson


‘These Days’ Jackson Browne, Dawes & Jonathan Wilson
at the Borderline London 20/7/2011

Los Angeles native singer-songwriter John Gold has released his third proper album “A Flower in Your Head,” debut from Vagrant Records after having a couple of self-released albums “These Are Color Days” (2002), and “The Eastside Shake in” (2005). “A Flower In Your Head” was recorded and co-produced by drummer/producer Scott Seiver (Pete Yorn) and mixed by Shawn Everett (Weezer, Phantom Planet, Simon Dawes). Stream the album entirely on his bandcamp and soundcloudiTunes.

John Gold by VagrantRecords

Lucky Dragons – Heartbreaker

taken from the “Dark Falcon” (555 Recordings, 2002), re-issued on vinyl from Marriage Records.  Based in Los Angeles, California, Lucky Dragons is an experimental music group consisting of Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara.

The Lucky Dragon [Fukuryu Maru] was the name of a Japanese tuna trawler which was caught in the fallout of the United States’ hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll on March 1st, 1954. All 23 members of the boat’s crew suffered the effects of radiation sickness after being rained on by ash from the explosion, 500 miles away. Once the boat itself had been determined free of dangerous radiation, it was painted entirely black and put out to sea again, still for use as a fishing vessel, but re-christened The Dark Falcon.  (from the original liner notes)

Live at Farmlab (05.22.08)

from 5 song 12″ vinyl “Open Power” (Teenage Teardrops, 2009)

from The Free Matter for the Blind audio zines’ compilation “Free Matter for the Blind Volume 2: Farewells To Summer” (2003)

Photo by Devon Deimler

LUCKY DRAGONS – True names/ vrai noms 7″ by atelier ciseaux
from True names/ vrai noms 7″ (Atelier Ciseaux/2009/sold out)

The Los Angeles-based Cambodian pop outfit, Dengue Fever has announced their new album “Cannibal Courtship” which is due out on April 19th via Fantasy Records / Concord.  Download a new track, “spiky-rock” single  ‘Cement Slippers’ from the album, here.

Oregon Bike Trails – A Summer Thing

Oregon Bike Trails is lo-fi L.A. singer/songwriter Zach Yudin.

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