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Marker Starling is the latest project by Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings already known as Mantler for many years. Recently he has been supported by a band consisting of Jay Anderson (drums) and Matt McLaren (bass), both of whom play a prominent role in Marker Starling’s new album “ROSY MAZE,” out NOW via Tin Angel Records.

あのトロントの宅録クルーナー、クリス・カミングスのプロジェクト、マントラーあらためマーカー・スターリングとしての初アルバム『ROSY MAZE』がようやく4月あたりにリリースされる模様。去年コラボレートしたドイツのバンドVON SPARの新作『Street Life』ではヴォーカルと作詞で4曲参加してます。

Von Spar – Try Though We Might (Official Video)

In 2014 Chris Cummings collaborated with the German band Von Spar, contributing vocals and lyrics to four songs on their album “Street Life” (ITALIC recordings).

Sandro Perri is a musician and producer from Toronto, Canada. He have played with the Great Lake Swimmers, Mantler, among others. Most notably, he adopted the moniker Polmo Polpo for some of his electronic compositions. In 2007, his debut full-length as Sandro Perri was released by Constellation, entitled Tiny Mirrors.

Sandro Perri – City Of Museums

Steamboat feat. Sandro Perri and Mantler – Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Gil Scott Heron cover)

Steamboat feat. Sandro Perri and Mantler – Jackie Blue (Ozark Mountain Daredevils cover)