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“ソング・サイクル” ではなく ”ポップ・サイクル” です ….
Marching Band is a musical duo consisting of Erik Sunbring (guitars, vocals) and Jacob Lind (guitars, keyboards, vocals), hailing from Linköping, Sweden. The duo’s upcoming second full-length “Pop Cycle” will be out on May 18th viaU & L Records, May 5th via & Records (Japan), which following up to the duo’s critically acclaimed first full-length “Spark Large” (U&L/2008) recorded in LA with American producer Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Yo La Tengo). “Pop Cycle” was recorded in Stockholm with Swedish producer Jari Haapalainen (Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura, The Concretes), they crafted a full sounding, ear tickling compilation of songs.

Marching Band – Another Day

This is the video for the first single on Marching Band’s New Album “Pop Cycle”. The video was made by the band themselves. ©2010 U&L Records, Inc.

by urbandlazar

Preview of the 11 songs on “Pop Cycle” and how the artwork was created.

MarchFourth plays “Aluta Continual” in their kitchen
via the latest installment of Into The Woods‘ “Feels Like Home” series

MarchFourth Marching Band is a mobile big band spectacular, consisting of a 12-piece horn section (4 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets), a 10-piece drum/percussion corps, anchored by electric bass (battery powered).  It all began when a handful of artists and musicians in Portland, OR decided to put together a marching band for a Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras party on March 4th.  The sound is huge, melodic, and dynamic, taking audiences on a musical journey around the globe. MarchFourth writes and performs its own material, and also draws inspiration from an eclectic range of worldwide influences, such as Eastern European Gypsy Brass, Samba, Funk, Afro-Beat, Big-Band, Jazz, and Rock music, as well as television, film, circus, and Vaudeville.

MarchFourth Marching Band
self-released new album “Rise Up”
has been available online at CDBaby.


The WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE is a rowdy 19-piece brass band of Providence that combines a punk rock ethos and the mobility of marching bands. We play Luddite hardcore – loud, fast music that reclaims public space and requires no electricity. We are a party band, and our sound incorporate elements of musical traditions such as Bollywood, Balkan, New Orleans, samba, and punk…and that’s just the short list. (Anchor Brain)

What Cheer? Brigade – Salyan Re Salyan

Providence local artist Will Schaff will be doing the artwork for their forthcoming release on Anchor Brain records.