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The Coctails were a musical group from Chicago, who formed while its members were attending the Kansas City Art Institute. The band was active from 1988 to 1995. Band members were Archer Prewitt, Mark Greenberg, John Upchurch, and Barry Phipps.”

THE COCTAILS on MTV news 1994

New 2011 Optigan Disc – VIBRASCAPE
Now available for Optigan owners, pre-order >> HERE,
along with the three new Vako Orchestron discs: VIBRAPHONE, FLUTE & CELLO.

VIBRASCAPE presents the sound of the vibraphone in a uniquely Optigan fashion. The keyboard tones are arranged as a series of rhythmic patterns that create hypnotic, pulsating soundscapes when chords are played. (This disc is not particularly suited to melodic playing). The chord buttons feature sustained bowed vibraphone chords. The special effects switches help keep the groove going with a selection of rhythms from the Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2, an old-school beatbox and technological contemporary of the Optigan. Optigans equipped with a spring reverb will provide the most haunting sound, which is further enhanced by inserting the disc upside-down for backwards play.

Vibraphone played and recorded by Mark Greenberg (of The Coctails, The Mayfair Workshop) / Music produced, edited, and mastered by Pea Hicks (of Optiganally Yours, formerly of Tit Wrench and Lucas & Friend)

MELLODRAMA: Mellotron/Chamberlin Documentary Trailer

Mellodrama,” a documentary by Dianna Dilworth, explores the rising and falling fortunes of the Mellotron – the first musical keyboard to “sample” the sounds of other instruments – from its birth in a California garage in the 1950s, through its dominance on concert stages in the 1970s, through its almost religious cult of followers in the 2000s. From the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” to Black Sabbath to Kanye West, Mellodrama is a 50-year odyssey of musical invention, revolution, betrayal, and rediscovery.

The film features interviews with Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Mike Pinder (Moody Blues), Ian McDonald (King Crimson), Rod Argent (The Zombies), Jon Brion, Matthew Sweet, Michael Penn, Pea Hicks and many more.

The Mayfair Workshop – “Music House of TOMORROW!”
Animation – Calabash Animation, Voice Talent – Dave O’Donnell, Sound Design – Mark Greenberg (of the Coctails), Music – The Mayfair Workshop, Composers – Ethan Stoller, Dean Jones, Matt Walker, Chris Fuller, Tamar Berk, Jeremy Jacobson

THE MAYFAIR WORKSHOP is a music house located in Chicago, IL. Their composers create music, soundtracks, and scores for TV, radio, movies, games, and wherever else you hear music.
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The Coctails- Whoopsy Daisy (from “The Early Hi-Ball Years” CD) by carrottoprecords

Edith Frost on Chic-A-Go-Go

Lip-syncing “Cars and Parties” on “Chic-A-Go-Go” with Ryan Hembrey of Sonoi, Boxhead Ensemble on bass; Rick Rizzo of Eleventh Dream Day on guitar; Mark Greenberg of the Coctails on vibraphonette; Bill Lowman of Bosco & Jorge on guitar; Adam Vida of U.S. Maple on drums; and Jim Becker of Califone on fiddle.

Introducing the 3rd figure from the ‘Great People’ Series by Archer Prewitt (The Sea & Cake, the Coctails, Sof’Boy) and the great folks at Presspop, Japan! (The first two in the series were Robert Moog and Raymond Scott) The Allen Ginsberg Doll, officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate, comes with fabric cloth jacket, glasses, book, Uncle Sam hat, beaded necklace, and CD with 5 poetry readings and 1 song (all of the recordings are previously unreleased material). Limited to 1000 pieces. More info HERE and HERE

(via The Mayfair Workshop blog)  BUY, here.

“Ballad of the Lights”
Arthur Russell and the Flying Hearts featuring Allen Ginsberg
10” vinyl record / limited 1000, co-release with Audika Records,
due out on October 19th digitally via Audika, October 15th on limited edition 10″ vinyl via Press Pop.  “Ballad of the Lights” was recorded in NYC in 1977 with Russell’s band, The Flying Hearts and Ginsberg participating in voice.  Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear, Cant/Terrible Records) worked with the digital transfers for this limited edition 10 inch vinyl release.  Artwork: Archer Prewitt / Hand letterpressed by Jeff Mueller (June of 44, Shipping News) of Dexterity Press.  

A SIDE: Ballad of the Lights (1977) 5:46
Arthur Russell and the Flying Hearts featuring Allen Ginsberg

B SIDE: Pacific High Studio Mantras (1971) 5:27
(Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddi Hum)
Old Tibetan Mantra of Padmasambhava.
Tuned by Allen Ginsberg.

HOWL” Official Theatrical Trailer

123 Clap – # 9 You Love It
123 Clap videos are recorded live while the cameras roll. NO OVERDUBBING ALLOWED! Then we all take turns editing. This new one features Mark Greenberg from The Coctails and Archer Prewitt on bass. Nice hat Mark! Oh, and nice nose Steve. Enjoy! (123 Clap)
Watch more #1~#8, here.  一本締めの123 Clap、フクダさんが教えてくれました!

123 Clap meet once every full moon to write a song and document the recording. Founding members are from Joey King, Glenn Rischke, Steve Versaw and Josh Chicoine with the occasional special guest.  Former bands include The M’s, Ordination of Aaron, The Arks, Jamestown and Sanoponic.

David Greenberger (a writer and radio commentator best known for his Duplex Planet series of zines, comic books, CDs, spoken word performances and radio plays) transforms interviews with sixty Milwaukee elders into 38 songs, a CD (“Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time“) and an emotionally rich concert performance with the Paul Cebar (known as Paul Ceber and the Milwaukeeans) Stage Ensemble.

“A King In Milwaukee” is a thirty-minute documentary by Nicole Brown and Brad Lichtenstein follows Greenberger through his three-month Milwaukee-based project. Beginning with his conversations at a range of elderly facilities, talking specifically with people who have memory loss – some not even noticeable, others profoundly so; from there it moves to Greenberger’s collaboration with Cebar as they worked with members of his band and other Milwaukee and Chicago musicians, creating and arranging the pieces in the studio. The culmination is their triumphant concert at the historic Pabst Theater.

The DVD also includes the one-hour concert film, “Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time,” produced by MPTV (Milwaukee Public Television). The DVD includes additional footage and deleted scenes from the documentary (including one number which isn’t even on the CD).

The DVD is available from UWM’s Center on Age & Community

David Greenberger and Paul Cebar finishing song ‘Cookie’
A clip of David, Paul, and Mark Greenberg (of the Coctails) putting the finishing touches on the song “Cookie”.

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