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Trouble Books & Mark McGuire – Song for Reinier Lucassen’s Sphinx

‘Song for Reinier Lucassen’s Sphinx’ is taken from the upcoming self-titled collaborative LP between Akron, Ohio outfit Trouble Books (Keith Freund and Linda Lejsovka joined by Mike Tolan) and Mark McGuire (of Emeralds), self-released by the artists labels Bark & Hiss and Wagon.  Second pressing pre-order, here.


Mark McGuire – VDSQ tour 2011
May 8th at the Woods in Portland Oregon from the VDSQ (Vin Du Select Qualitite) 2011 West Coast tour featuring Mark McGuire (Emeralds), Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine, New Year), Allen Karpinski (Six Parts Seven), Joshua Blatchley, and Matthew Mullane (aka Fabric).

Mark McGuire has released the 20-track 2-CD retrospective “A Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire” on Editions Mego, and his 2009 “Solo Acoustic Volume Two” LP is an ambient acoustic record for Vin Du Select Qualitite (VDSQ).

“VDSQ – Solo Acoustic Volume Two”                 “A Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire”

Outer Space – Memory Bomb / Video collage by Mark McGuire
The song is taken from the self-titled album by Outer Space aka Emeralds‘ John Elliott, available via Arbor Records.  John Elliott’s Outer Space project is a laboratory for electronic investigation. Acting as a continuance of the studies of mid twentieth century electronic music composers such as Nik Pascal and Laurie Spiegel.  It was recorded over three years without the use of digital synthesizers.

Peter Tscherkassky – Outer Space (1999)
ペーター・チェルカスキー 「未知の世界」
Peter Tscherkassky (b. October 3, 1958) is an Austrian avant-garde  filmmaker who works exclusively with found footage. All of his work is done with film and heavily edited in the darkroom, rather than relying on technological modes. (WIKI)

Mark McGuire – Brain Storm (For Erin)

Mark McGuire operates chiefly as guitarist in the legendary Emeralds, also he is known for various collaborative outings in Sun Watcher, Skyramps (with Daniel “Oneohtrix Point Never” Lopatin) and People’s Parties…, however he also has racked up an impressive set of solo releases over the last few years (albeit mainly in small to micro print runs).  ‘Brain Storm (For Erin)’ is taken from his new solo full length “Living With Yourself,” out now on Vienna-based label Editions Mego.  Also, his 2008 chondritic sound cassette “Off in the Distance” is reissued now on LP via Cylindrical Habitat Modules.

LIVING WITH YOURSELF : Electric and Acoustic Guitar Recorded February – September 2009 Cleveland and Westlake, Ohio by Mark McGuire.  Percussion on “Brothers” Performed and Recorded November 2008 at Zombie Proof Studios, Cleveland, Ohio by Nate Scheible.  Tape Samples Recorded 1991 – 1998 by Mark McGuire Sr., Jr.  Edited and Arranged by Mark McGuire 2009.