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Prufrock had the Emperor of Ice Cream in a headlock when the roar of a ’37 Triumph Speed Twin made them both forget what they were fighting about. In walked an Anglo-Cherokee-Japanese skateboarder. “I’m Korey Dane, and you’re both acting like children.”

He had ridden from Joshua Tree where his father was rebuilding a 1953 Chevy Hardtop. “I’ve put my board away, gentlemen, and I’ve picked up a guitar. I figure the board will never really let me say what I want to say, and frankly, nothing makes me cry like the 3 minor chord.” The table was cleared for a round of Old Pulteneys as Korey Dane began his tale of woe and redemption.

“I’m twenty-five years old. My mother handed me East of Eden when I was twelve and I’ve never been the same since. Neither has she. Mom and Dad headed in opposite directions; academe called her name and Dad, well Dad drove into the desert until he ran out of gas. And there he hung his hat. I tumbled for a while…and grumbled. But four wheels brought me where I needed to go. I probably did a little too much of this and way too much of that, but that’s ok. I’m better for it. Lera says I’ve still got a long way to go. Hell, she’s from Ukraine, for Christ’s sake. She should know.  —- Innovative Leisure

Korey Dane – Let It Be Just For Fun

Video by Joshua Makela, Lera Pentelute, & Korey Dane 
Taken from Korey Dane’s forthcoming full-length “Youngblood” (produced by Tony Berg, mixed by Tchad Blake) via Innovative Leisure, due out on October 9th.

No Demons Here – Every Second Darker

No Demons Here – Fade Into You (Mazzy Star cover)

Hailing from Glen Rock, New Jersey (home of Titus Andronicus), No Demon Here is known as the solo moniker of Luka Usmiani who also plays in the Fluffy Lumbers and the Big Troubles – Glen Rock collective.  NDH’s new full length tape “In Aluminum Headache” is getting ready for Halloween season release, and “Boy Eaten By Thing In Water” (2009) is reissued now on their Bandcamp page.

READ :: Interview with Luka Usmiani @Low Log

No Demons Here played “Station (Is a Gift)” at the Low Log Loft Show on September 18th, 2010.  Video shot by Maia of You Boggle My Mind.

No Demons Here – Sayonara