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‘Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log’ is taken from the A-side of a forthcoming split 7″ from Cass McCombs b/w Michael Hurley,  available in July 2013 from Secret Seven Records
Both tracks on this single are the new recordings from Mr. McCombs and Mr. Hurley. Full color picture sleeve painted by Michael Hurley himself. One time limited pressing.

NATCH 2: Dave Shuford, Margot Bianca & Pigeons

NATCH 2: I Knew I’d Want You (The Byrds cover)

NATCH 2: Eyes Eyes (Michael Hurley cover)

NATCH 2: Grief and Pine (words by William Blake)

All recordings above are taken from Natch 2 – Dave Shuford and Margot Bianca (from D. Charles Speer & the Helix), and Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin (from Pigeons). Recorded and mixed at Black Dirt Studio, February 13 – 14, 2012, mastered by Patrick Klem. “NATCH” is a series of collaborative recordings from Westtown, NY’s Black Dirt Studio. Download 4 tracks from the session and more from NATCH 1: Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn session through Black Dirt, HERE.

Michael Hurley – Automatic Slim & the Fatboys
previously unreleased early version, first appeared on “Snockgrass” (Rounder/1979, reissue on vinyl: Light In The Attic/2011)

Michael Hurley – I Can’t Help Myself
taken from “Ida Con Snock” album (Gnomonsong/2009)

Michael Hurley has released the lost album “Fatboy Spring” including unreleased tracks from 1972-73, it was co-released by Secret Seven/Mississippi Records.

The Attic Tapesと呼ばれ、40年近くを経て遂に陽の目を見たマイケル・ハーリィの70年代初期のお宝音源。その後、この録音時のバンド、ファット・ボーイズにホーリィ・モーダル・ラウンダーズのメンバーたちなどが合流してハーリィ爺の名盤「Have Moicey」を録音したのだとか ….。

The musicians in Automatic Slim and the Fatboys playing in various configurations on The Attic Tapes are: Michael Hurley, (Doc Snock) vocals, guitar / Robert Iwaskiewicz (Wax), guitar, bass, vocals / David Bessett (Silent Dave) guitar, vocals / Doug Southworth (The Reverend), mandolin, bass / Robert Nickson (Frog), percussion. Fatboys were formed in Vermont, 1972, the original band was called Puddledock.

“I wrote the tune “Automatic Slim & the Fat Boys” while I was there and it was supposed to be a theme song for the band. Eventually, with musicians going their own ways, the Fat Boy band morphed into another group called Sheriff Mocus (moakus) and the Derangen Cowboys. And then I formed another band called The Redbirds. Original members of the Fat Boys who were on the Rounder record Have Moicey were Robert Iwaskiewicz, Robert Nickson, and myself.” Michael Hurley

Vetiver – Wonder Why (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Vetiver – Wonder Why

from Vetiver‘s fifth full-length “The Errant Charm” via Sub Pop / Bella Union Records, recorded by bandleader Andy Cabic and Thom Monahan.

by m-eyes

Vetiver & Michael Hurley – Be Kind To Me
Mississippi Studios Portland Oregon 2010

Michael Hurley – Who Ever Heard Of You

Secret Seven and Mississippi Records have joined forces to reissue Blue Navigator, one of Michael Hurley‘s rarest and most enjoyable albums, on 8-Track cassette–a fitting format for a former 8-Track repairman.  Blue Navigator was originally released on LP in 1984 on Rooster Records and quickly went out of print after a fire destroyed the Rooster offices and BN master tapes, making it one of Hurley’s most sought after albums. Transferred from the original vinyl to virgin tape, and housed in a recycled cartridge.  This 8-Track tape release is limited to 50 copies. Sold Out Now.

Songs: Blue Navigator, Who ever heard of You?, Dices Dices, Werewolf, Wolf Dispatch, ’54 Chevy, Code of the Mountains, Ghost Woman Blues, Somebody to Say Bye Bye To, Open Up (eternal lips)  / original release: Rooster Records, vinyl. 1984

Ida – Shrug (live)
at Catskill’s Mystery Spot Antiques in Phoenicia, Upstate New York

August 17th, Ida & Michael HurleyIda Con Snock in LA

Michael Hurley – Knockando

taken from “Ancestral Swamp” (Gnomonsong/2007), the 20th full-length album by legendary rambler, cartoonist, “outsider” folk singer, and guitarist Michael Hurley.

Recorded at Truck America 2010, Big Indian, NY.
Producer: Daniel Grossman (Foglight Films) / Director: Adam Hall / Cinematography: Ron Morales / Sound: Paul Dillon

Visit idamusic.com/

Ida’s recommendation : Check out this sweet film by Marc Israel about Hurley with some Ida con Snock performances…

Snock ‘N Roll: Adventures With Michael Hurley
(Complete Documentary Short)

“Tales of Brave Ida”
Hard cover, 144 pages
+ audio CD

More Info:
Sweet Dreams

CD track list: 1. tsuki (traditional japan)  2. by this river (brian eno) 
3. corona (d. boon / the minutemen)  4. stevie (performed by K.) 
5. in the garden (michael hurley)  6. ong tal sam (traditional korea) 
7. fire music (daniel littleton)  8. brown rice white rice (warren defever/daniel littleton)  9. sunrise blues (daniel littleton)  10. im so lonesome (hank williams)  11. top of the stairs (daniel littleton)

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