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cover art by Gavin Smith

Flannelgraph Records (Bloomington, IN) has released their 2nd annual holiday benefit compilation featuring 23 great bands playing beautiful Christmas instrumentals that they wrote! All the money goes to Stepping Stones, helping out homeless teens. Available now on their bandcamp.

Featuring: Candy Claws, Soporus, Frank Lenz, Dirty Beaches, The Parade Schedule, Funeral Home, Frank Schweikhardt, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Homecomings, Quixod, Whippoorwill, Laura K. Balke, Drekka, Dolorean, New Terrors, Sleeping Bag, Bro. Stephen, Chad Serhal, Wet Blankets, Michael James Tapscott w/ J. Shelley Harrison, Tim Felton Feat. Aaron Burkhart, Burnt Ones, and Via Vegrandis.

Mike Adams at his Honest Weight performing
“I’m Not Worried” live in their backyard on October 8, 2010.

Concept by Nathan Vollmar / Cinematography by William Winchester Claytor
Edited by William Winchester Claytor and Nathan Vollmar
Sound recorded by Mike Adams and Jared Cheek.
©2011 Nineteenth State Productions

I’m Not Worried by mikeadams

‘I’m Not Worried’ is the first single from Mike Adams At His Honest Weight’s debut LP “Oscillate Wisely,” co-released by Flannelgraph Records and St. Ives Records on January 25th, 2011.  Bloomington, Indiana-based Michael Dwayne Adams is also known for the band Husband & Wife, their latest full-length “Proud Flesh” has been available on CD via Crossroads of America Records and on vinyl via Lower Peninsula Records.