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“No fanfare. Just 30 minutes of music I was into today. Cold. November. Sunday. A mixtape.  If you like any of the artists featured, please seek them out and buy their music.” –Ben Watt (Everything but the Girl)

Tim Hecker / Radiance
Mark McGuire / When You’re Somewhere
Mutual Benefit / Advanced Falconry
Zachary Cale / Unfeeling
Shearwater / I’m So Glad
Meg Baird / All I Ever Wanted
Clifford Brown / Willow Weep for Me
Fryars / Love So Cold
Hiss Golden Messenger / Dreamwood

Ben Graves (Toys And Techniques) has put together an incredible mix as a tribute to Trish Keenan (September 28, 1968 – January 14, 2011) of Broadcast, to remember her birthday. (via)

Warli Paintings – Ragunath Seth
Da Consumarsi Con Grazia – F:A.R.
Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting – Madalyn Merkey
The Aqueducts of Channel Island – Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Space Face – Eric Vann
El Suplicio – Benedetto Ghiglia
Khandhar – Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Meanwhile Back At The Tulip Boat, Stinky And Gus Make Warplanes/Your Living Constitution (Dies) – Le Forte Four
IV 18:54 – Rene Hell
Robert Nelson’s Bleu Shut – Blue Crumb Truck
Aladdin’s Magic Lamp – Father Sound
Pai Khlong – phunsi charoenphong & the saman kanchanaphalin band
I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame – Iasos
Kosmiskt intermezzo – Bjorn Vikhoff
Locomotion – Don Fraser & Steeleye Span
Anmari Fukasugite – Melting Glass Box
Equinox: A Journey into the Supernatural
Music of the Spheres – Steve Birchall
Gran Bolita (film leader)
River Movement – J.D. Emmanuel
Shulie (end titles) – Le Deuce
Fossilized Whispers – Spiderwebs
Derelictdolhouse – Sleep ∞ Over

The July/August, 2012 The Believer magazine Music Issue is accompanied by “Love Songs for Lamps”, the mixtape Calvin Johnson curated for the magazine, it was mastered at Dub Narcotic. Buy a copy of this issue, HERE.
(Illustration by Charles Burns)

A1. Hysterics, “Leave Me Alone”
A2. The Memories, “Higher”
A3. Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles, “Itching Around”
A4. Soviet, “Marbleyezed”
A5. Tomorrows Tulips, “Untitled”
A6. Laura Leif and Amber Phelps Bondaroff, “Love Song for Lamps”
A7. Skrill Meadow, “Takin’ My Time”
A8. MOM, “Boner Party (Tonite)”
A9. KMVP, “Montreal Screwjob”
A10. White Rainbow, “Darker Drift” (4:20 excerpt)
A11. The Great White Jenkins, “Where Shall I Be”
A12. Broken Water, “Normal Never Happened”

B1. Briana Marela, “Take Care of Me”
B2. The Shivas, “Thrill Yr Idols”
B3. Ruby Fray, “Love That Disease”
B4. Baby Island, “King’s Crossing”
B5. Erin Earthling, “Bike”
B6. Old Night, “Old Night”
B7. Margy Pepper, “Little Cat”
B8. Happy Noose, “One Way Ticket”
B9. Lovers Without Borders, “Athena from Bow”
B10. Mansion Music, “Maps”
B11. Sewn Leather, “How It Works”
B12. Priests, Diet Coke”

released 01 January 2012

released 26 February 2012

“Love Songs for Lamps” Roadshow
Aug. 10 ~ Aug. 23, 2012

Stream “Self-Help Wolf Shelf” compilation by Richard Swift, download, HERE.

Richard Swift Presents: Self-Help Wolf Shelf by Richard Swift

“I’m choosing Van Dyke Parks because to my ears he is the spiritual godson of number-one American Maverick Charles Ives. If I were to turn this into a thesis, I’d argue that as Ives was steeped in marching band, spirituals and concert hall music, Parks’ ears are captured by mid-to-late 20th century stuff — including but not limited to calypso, ragtime, 60′s rock and psychedelia….. Though Parks works solely in the recorded medium and usually under the umbrella of ‘pop,’ his music is difficult enough to challenge and delight any listener.” -Owen Pallett (via WQXR)

Maverick Mixtapes: Owen Pallett
Maverick Mixtapes Streams Weekdays from March 8-30 at 2 PM

Owen Pallet was asked to make a mix, focused on Van Dyke Parks, for WQXR’s ‘Maverick Mixtapes’ series. And recently Bella Union has announced the long-awaited reissue of three classic albums by Van Dyke Parks, his first three solo albums, “Song Cycle” (1968), Discover “America” (1972) and “Clang Of The Yankee Reaper” (1975) are set to release in June, 2012.

Donovan – “Donovan’s colours” (cover by Van Dyke Parks)
Van Dyke Parks – “Sweet Trinidad”
Van Dyke Parks – “The Eagle and Me”
Harry Nilsson – “He needs me” (arr. by Van Dyke Parks; from Popeye soundtrack)
Inara George with Van Dyke Parks – “Rough Design”
Van Dyke Parks – “Palm Desert”
Van Dyke Parks – “An Invitation to Sin”
Van Dyke Parks – “Datsun Commercial”
Van Dyke Parks – “Ode to Tobago”
Sam Phillips – “Wasting my time” (arr. by Van Dyke Parks)
Louis Singer, Hy Zaret – “One Meat Ball” (perf. by Ry Cooder, arr. by Van Dyke Parks)
Van Dyke Parks – “Out on the rolling sea when Jesus speak to me”
Van Dyke Parks – “The All Golden”
Van Dyke Parks – “Money is King”
Van Dyke Parks – “Dreaming of Paris”
Van Dyke Parks – “By the people”
Van Dyke Parks – “Opportunity for Two”
Van Dyke Parks – “The Four Mills Brothers”

From December 9th-11th 2011 at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, UK, we present our yearly Nightmare Before Christmas festival. This year each day is curated by a different artist: Les Savy Fav on Friday, Battles on Saturday and Caribou on Sunday.

All Tomorrow’s Parties Nightmare Before Christmas Festival 2011 has released a free mix (including a new and previously unreleased remix of ‘Improve Me’ by Junior Boys) put together by Dan Snaith (Caribou).

Caribou – Nightmare Before Christmas Mix by All Tomorrows Parties

Toro Y Moi – Intro / Chi Chi
Pharoah Sanders – Prince of Peace
Sun Ra Arkestra – Saturn Research
Pharoah Sanders Interview
Theo Parrish – Goin’ Downstairs Parts I & II
Getatchew Mekuria, The Ex & Guests – Aynamaye Nesh
Theo Parrish – Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be
Junior Boys – Improve Me (Caribou Synthapella Mix)
Connan Mockasin – It’s Choade My Dear
Orchestra of Spheres – There Is No No
Roll The Dice – The Suck
Four Tet – Pyramid
Silver Apples – Oscillations
Roll The Dice – Cause and Effect
Factory Floor – Wooden Box
Omar Souleyman – Dabke (Daphni Edit)
Four Tet – Our Bells
Pharoah Sanders Interview
Sun Ra Arkestra – Space Is The Place


Sun Ra Arkestra: ATP Nightmare Before Christmas, December 5, 2009

STREAM :: Caribou Vibration Ensemble Featuring Marshall Allen
Live At All Tomorrow’s Parties Monticello, New York, Sept 13th, 2009

Sad City – Jaya (via)

‘Jaya’ is taken from the forthcoming 12″ EP “Gestures” by Glasgow, Scotland’s Gary Caruth aka Sad City, due out on October 18th via Underwater Peoples.

Julian Lynch & Arthur Russell & LaMonte Young & Sonic Youth & John Coltrane & Walter Gibbons & James Chance & Ennio Morricone & Animal Collective & Inner Life & Madlib & ….

Halleluwah 10: Sad City by Halleluwah_Hits
Intro – “Dr. Benway Is Operating in an Auditorium Filled With Students” – William S. Burroughs
01 – “Where’s Deke?” – Maximum Joy
02 – “In the Light of the Miracle” – Arthur Russell
03 – “Questions (Feat. Planet Asia & Fashawn)” – Strong Arm Steady
04 – “The End of Biters – International” – Prefuse 73
05 – “Bad Smells” – Glenn Branca
06 – “Pyjamarama” – Roxy Music
07 – “Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne” – Suicide
08 – “Un Cyprès Au Coucher du Soleil, Toscane” – Luc Ferrari
09 – “Night Time Trail” – Sad City
10 – “Water Curses” – Animal Collective
11 – “Mercy” – Lucky Dragons
12 – “A Day at the Racetrack” – Julian Lynch
Outro – “October in the Railroad Earth” – Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen

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