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Little Wings aka Kyle Field

“7e.p. 10 Years Anniversary Tour Vol. 1″
764-hero & moools Japan Tour 2012

3/12(月)渋谷 O-NEST
3/13(火)松本 ALECX
3/14(水)京都 UrBANGUILD
3/15(木)名古屋 得三
3/16(金)渋谷 O-NEST

“7e.p. 10 Years Anniversary Tour Vol. 2″
Little Wings Japan Tour 2012

3/30(金)渋谷 7th FLOOR
3/31(土)名古屋 K.D JAPON
4/01(日)京都 UrBANGUILD
4/03(火)鎌倉 カフェ・ゴーティー
4/04(水)松本 hair salon群青
4/05(木)渋谷 O-NEST

Further Information: 7e.p.

Kyle Field/Little Wings Documentary

7e.p. Presents

Quasi & moools Japan Tour 2010
American Gong” & ” Weather Sketch Modified” Release Parties

2.14 (sun)  Shibuya: O-NEST
2.16 (tue)   Nagoya: TOKUZO
2.17 (wed)  Kyoto: UrBANGUILD
2.18 (thu)   Matsumoto:ALECX
2.19 (fri)    Shibuya: O-NEST

Quasi – Repulsion  (via MAGNET)
QUASI: Sam Coomes (ex. Pink Mountain, Heatmiser/Elliott Smith ), 
Janet Weiss (ex.Sleater-Kinney, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks) 
Joanna Bolme (Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks) 

Quasi Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape
(Quotation from Magnet magazine)

Arthur Lee ”Everybody’s Gotta Live” - Sam
Kim Fowley “Bubble Gum” – Janet
Tamam Shud “Music Train”/”Evolution” – Joanna
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family ”Coffin Maker” - Sam
999 “Emergency” – Janet
Kevin Ayers “Town Feeling” – Joanna
Sic Alps ”Everywhere, There” - Sam
Morgen “Of Dreams” – Janet
New Order “Age Of Consent” – Joanna
Serge Gainsbourg ”Cannabis” (Instrumental) - Sam
Shocking Blue ”Mighty Joe” – Janet
Gary Glitter “Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)” – Joanna
The Music Machine ”Talk Talk” – Janet
The Angry Samoans “Right Side Of My Mind” – Joanna
Elyse ”House” – Janet
Evie Sands ”I Can’t Let Go” – Joanna