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Official video for “Our Cat” by Advance Base
taken from a 7″ EP on Orindal Records

Advance Base is new music by Owen Ashworth, formerly of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Advance Base songs have been described as “depressed,” “lo-fi,” & “pop.”

Introducing Harvest Revisited…
MOJO’s Harvest Revisited Free CD for Issue No. 207 (Feb 2011), re-recorded by Villagers, Phosphorescent, Doug Paisley, Smoke Fairies, Neville Skelly, Chip Taylor, Jane Weaver, Kelley Stoltz, Sam Amidon and Danny And The Champions Of The World.
Neil Young photos: Getty Images / Doug Paisley photo: Lee Towndrow

Phosphorescent – Are You Ready For The Country? 
      (via aquarium drunkard)

by Team G

Matthew Lessner‘s debut feature “The Woods” Teaser Two
Official Selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival
Greencard Pictures, Team G and Monte Lomax
© 2011 Monte Lomax
“The Woods” soundtrack features Dirty Projectors, Sun Araw, Lucky Dragons, Indian Jewelry, Ananda Shankar.

Sun Araw – Thrasher (Neil Young cover)

He (Matthew Lessner) asked me (Sun Araw) to record a cover for the film, and so here is a cover of Neil Young’s “Thrasher.”

Sun Araw “Barstool Blues” (Live)
Live in Madrid, July 2th 2009. This is a Neil Young cover

Kind Spirit – Lotta Love (Neil Young cover)

Kind Spirit – Cold Slug

‘Lotta Love’ covered by Kind Spirit aka George Kalivas (of Lost Boy, and he’s been a good friend of Twin Sister for years).  Both tracks are downloadable through his soundcloud page along with “Nectar” EP.

Julian Lynch – Sedan Delivery (Neil Young Cover)
Matt Mondanile- Look Out For My Love (Neil Young Cover)

(via Chocolate Bobka)
“A Fundamental Experiment” is a benefit Neil Young covers compilation LP in order to raise money for San Francisco resident J.M.W., who fell from the roof of a three-story building late last year and is still having trouble paying medical bills.
Purchase the LP and the story is HERE.

1) Julian Lynch – Sedan Delivery
2) Metal Rouge – Helpless
3) Sam Goldberg – Transformer Man
4) Swanox – Thrasher
5) Sun Araw – Barstool Blues

1) Stag Hare – Cortez the Killer
2) Laurentide Ice Sheet – Southern Man
3) Trevor Healy – Round and Round
4) Avocet – Expecting to Fly
5) Matt Mondanile – Look Out For My Love

Edition of 300. Silkscreened covers. $15 ppd in the USA.