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Blanche Blanche Blanche is the one of the projects of Zach Phillips from Brattleboro VT (comprised of Sarah Smith and Zach), his other projects include Bruce Hart, Horse Boys, GDC, Jordan Piper Philips and more. And their recordings have been released from several labels including his own imprint OSR Tapes (which has released Chris Weisman’s “Beatleboro” cassette), Feeding Tube Records, Night-People and their “Papas Proof” LP will be coming soon from La Station Radar.

Blanche Blanche Blanche – Fireworks, from “wink with both eyes”

Stream the Blanche Blanche Blanche’s second Night-People release “Wink With Both Eyes” in its entirety via Ad Hoc.

Street Gnar is Brooklyn-based Case Mahan, hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Street Gnar’s new 11-track album “Study Wall” is now available on his bandcamp. It was recorded by Case Mahan himself in Brooklyn and mastered and reinvented by Cyrus Shahmir (of N.E.C.). 2011′s “Poking the World With a Stick” cassette is available on Night-People and free on his bandcamp.

Ela Orleans – In The Night (alternative version)
from BEKO DSL single, 2011 / written and performed by ela orleans / lyrics: simon hayward / video: movies for ears / recorded and mixed in ridgewood, nyc / mastered by carl clandestine

the video footage comes from “everything for sale” by andrzej wajda (アンジェイ・ワイダ「すべて売り物」1968) and is a tribute to elzbieta czyzewska (エリジビエタ・チゼウスカ, 1938 – 2010). full version of the song appeared on “double feature” (split LP with dirty beaches) released by la station radar + atelier ciseaux and night people in 2011.


The Garment District – Only Air
Video editor: Keith Tassick / Art direction: Jennifer Baron
Copyright Jennifer Baron, 2011 (BMI)

Bird Or Bat by The Garment District

From “Melody Elder,” the debut tape by The Garment District, a Pittsburgh-based new musical project of Jennifer Baron (formerly of The Ladybug Transistor). It was engineered by Kevin C. Smith (of The Artificial Sea) in the winter of 2010 in Friendship, PA, and in her home-base Golden Mountain studio, and recorded with her cousin Lucy Blehar on lead vocals, and legendary Television Personalities / Swell Maps’ member Jowe Head on bass. Bass guitar on ‘Bird Or Bat’ were recorded by Gary Olson (of The Ladybug Transistor), at Marlborough Farms in Brooklyn, NY.
Out now on Night-People Records.

STREAM :: Garment District on soundcloud and The Garment District Demos on bandcamp

Flying Circus Airport (Demo) by The Garment District

An avid crafter, Jennifer helps run Pittsburgh’s award-winning independent craft fair, Handmade Arcade, and is co-editor of Pittsburgh Signs Project: 250 Signs of Western Pennsylvania.

ELA ORLEANS – Neverend
from 12″ split LP “Double Feature” (with Dirty Beaches), co-released by La Station Radar (France), Atelier Ciseaux (Canada) and Night people (US), available now. Written and performed by Ela Orleans / Lyrics: Simon HaywardEditing: Asha Kowalik / Camera: Sabrina Lessard / Video: Movies for Ears

Dirty Beaches – Good Speed

Born in Taiwan, Alex Zhang Hungtai (aka Dirty Beaches) grew up in North America. His music brings back to life the forgotten stories of a wild America of the 1960s, stories imprinted on scorched hope.  Ela Orleans left her native Poland for Glasgow before settling in the vastness of New York. She takes us on a reverie of splendor and despair. This collection of pensive postcards from NYC is dedicated to night owls feeding on utopia and desolation.

Taterbug – Golden Star Brother Supper (via Rose Quartz)

Taterbug – Nightmare Of Party Children

(The Savage Young) Taterbug is an Iowa kid, Charles Free, Avant / Experimental “singin son of the earth,” as well as a “brotherless child” with only loose connections to the Night People label. He sings and manipulates tapes that he’s recorded, and some he’s found, “sometimes scotchtape vocal dubs for that boy choir vibe,” and if you’ve got him live, it’s “a lot more torched.

‘Golden Star Brother Supper’ is taken from Taterbug’s latest release “Theme For Gasoline Weirdo” cassette via Night People. ‘Nightmare Of Party Children’ is taken from “Bored Fortress,” sold out split 7″ with High Wolf via Not Not Fun /2010. Charles Free is also known as Dune Buggy with Ryan Garbes (of Wet Hair).