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The Long Ryders – Live at Bowery Ballroom Nov 10 2016

featuring Hand Habits guitarist, Meg Duffy.
taken from the B-side of Chris Cohen’s limited edition tour 7″.  Available, HERE.

The Western Elstons – Twilight Time (The Three Suns cover)
May 11th, 2013, at The Friendly Tap.  Filmed by Sharon Rutledge.

The Flat Five – Kites Are Fun (the Free Design cover)
Dec. 10, 2010, at the Hideout in Chicago. Filmed by Robert Loerzel.

The Western Elstons featuring: Scott Ligon and Casey McDonough (NRBQ), Joel Paterson, Alex Hall, & Jimmy Sutton.

The Flat Five featuring: Alex Hall, Kelly Hogan, Scott Ligon, Nora O’Connor, Casey McDonough.

Pete Donnelly – Can’t Talk At All [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

From Donnelly’s solo debut full length in 11 years “When You Come Home” featuring Fred Berman (Amos Lee) on drums and Adam Winokur (Early Ape) on bass, Jason Loughlin on guitar, Zack Djanikian on sax and vocals, and Brandi Barksdale on vocals, and Donnelly himself on vocals, guitar among other things. And the album includes ‘Tommy’s Piano’…. unforgettable heartbeat of NRBQ, Tom Ardolino‘s piano who passed away last Friday night (Jan. 6) after a long illness. The album was mostly recorded at Henry Hirsch’s (Lenny Kravitz) studio in Hudson NY. Purchase, HERE.

Careful by Pete Donnelly
Featuring Ducky Carlisle and Mike Gent (of The Figgs).

A Philly musician, Pete Donnelly is best known as a bassist with The Figgs, The Candy Butchers, and the current lineup of NRBQ, also known for playing with Soul Asylum, Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, GNR), Graham Parker and a bunch of ‘local’ artists including G-Love, Carsie Blanton, Capitol Years, The Thirteen, Amos Lee, Mutlu, Ben Arnold… among others, as a producer/engineer and performer.

Tom Ardolino 1955 – 2012

Here, let me share WFMU Bob Brainen’s beautiful tribute show for Tommy Ardolino of NRBQ.

The Spampinato Brothers – I Say Good Day Goodnight

The premiere music video from the Spampinato Brothers. Joey and Johnny Spampinato of the legendary NRBQ with band mates Aaron Spade (songwriter, singer and guitar) and Jay Cournoyer (drums) performing a song written by the late great Steve Ferguson, who along with Joey Spampinato and Terry Adams, was a founding member of NRBQ. This version appears on the Spampinato Brothers’ debut album “PIe in the Sky“. Video was directed, filmed and edited by Anthony Popolo.

Yes! This is the Spampinato Brothers, Joey and Johnny.
Listen more at their website.

‘The Music Goes Round And Around’ was written by Edward Farley and Mike Riley, the lyrics by Red Hodgson, and was published in 1935. The song was recorded by Tommy Dorsey and became a hit in 1936. The song was the musical interlude for the Columbia movie “The Music Goes Round” (邦題「粋な紐育っ子」) in 1936. (Wikipedia)  Danny Kaye sang this song with Louis Armstrong in the film “The Five Pennies” (1959).

Betty Boop – The music goes ’round and around
A tribute to Betty Boop & Helen Kane.


唄の世の中 - 岸井 明 / Uta no Yononaka – Akira kishi
1936 P.C.L.制作「唄の世の中」主題歌
監督:伏水修 脚本・原作:伊馬鵜平 穂積純太郎 撮影:宮島義男 音楽:鈴木静一
藤原釜足と岸井明コンビの和製ジャズ・コメディ。観てビックリ。サントラは、’The Music Goes Round And Around’ だらけ。映画に出てたグラウチョ・マルクスもどきな永田キングにもビックリ。エノケン版(1936)は「浮かれ音楽」もしくは「歌は世界を回る」だそう。小津映画で突貫小僧が歌ってた、渡辺はま子の「とんがらかっちゃ駄目よ」もこの映画の劇中歌で大ヒットしたんですね。

Terry Adams interviewed for New Year’s Eve 2010 Three Stooges Marathon.
Then the Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet rocks out with ‘The Music Goes Round And Around’ and ‘A Girl Who Loves the Stooges.’  Scott Ligon on guitar, Conrad Choucroun on drums, Pete Donnelly on bass.
もちろんNRBQのヴァージョンも ….。

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