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photo by Barry Donahue

Chandler Travis – Never Never Land

‘Never Never Land’ – now that Chandler Travis‘ latest CD “After She Left” (Sonic Trout/2009) has been released, we’re taking down most of the outtakes we posted before it was released, but due to popular demand, we’re keeping this one around – written by Betty Comden, Adolph  Green and Jule Styne, from “Peter Pan” – recorded by Chris Blood at Trout Towers Casino.  Dedicated to Bud Dunsford with much love indeed from all of us at the ward, and a tip o’ the hat to ol’ Michael Jackson, too.

(via Chandler Travis Philharmonic: Song of the Week)

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The German Measles, from Brooklyn (and Queens).

Influences: the Germs, the Bachelor Pad, the Pooh Sticks, The Rutles, The Equals, the Monks, the Moondogs and the VIPs.

The German Measles – Wild Weekend (via WFMU)

(Captured Tracks)

The Western Elstons featuring Joel Paterson on pedal steel

The Western Elstons at Simon’s July 29th, 2009
Scott Ligon (guitar/Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet)
Casey McDonough (guitar) Jimmy Sutton (bass)
Joel Paterson (steel guitar) Alex Hall (drums)

The music was taken from an Esquivel recording called “You Belong to My Heart”,

drawings done by Sharon Rutledge, featuring the hands of Scott Ligon

at Webster Hall, New York, on October 27th 2007.

Moondog & London Saxophonic
“Sax Pax for a Sax”

“You Gotta Be Loose”

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