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Blood For The Return,” the self-recorded debut album by Mirage aka Robin Nydall (he is a 19-year-old Dream Pop experimentalist from Los Angeles), has been available via Olde English Spelling Bee / Weird World Record Co.. Orchestral arrangements by Cliff Dweller (Ari Balouzian) contributions featuring Max Whipple (Cello/Clarinet), Spencer Frazen (Harmonies/Additional Vox), and Dash Lefrancis (Flute/Harmonies).  
Released 26 August 2014.
今年の忘れ物 #2

Big Troubles – Misery  from “Romantic Comedy”

Big Troubles‘ upcoming 7″ single ‘Sad Girls’ b/w ‘Phantom’ is due out on August 30th and their second full-length “Romantic Comedy” is due out on September 27th via Slumberland Records / Plancha (jp), 日本盤はボーナス・デモ・トラック3曲を追加. “Romantic Comedy” was recorded with producer Mitch Easter formerly of Let’s Active and Sneakers with Chris Stamey (of the dB’s), and as a producer, well known for his work with R.E.M, Pavement, Velvet Crush among others. The single’s B-side ‘Phantom’ was recorded for the Shaking Through sessions curated by Jenn and Liz Pelly, the twin sister co-authors of PellyTwins.blogspot.com.

Big Troubles – Georgia / Video: Alexander Iezzi
from 2010 album “Worry” via Olde English Spelling Bee / Plancha (jp)

R.J. Reynolds High vs Ridgewood High ….  

Shaking Through: Big Troubles – Phantom
May 17, 2011 – Vol. 2, Episode 5 in the Shaking Through 2011 Series
Curated by Jenn and Liz Pelly of The Pelly Twins. Recorded on March 5 and 6, 2011, produced by Brian McTear, engineered by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. The Video was produced by Peter English, with camera work by Ian Markiewicz, and edited by Mike Plunkett.

Big Troubles – Phantom

Alex, Ian, Sam and Luca arrived the night of March 4. The next two days would prove to be an amazing first recording experience in a high-end studio. Their song, “Phantom,” was the first full band recording since the album, Worry. 

Big Troubles‘ latest full length “Worry” has been available on Olde English Spelling Bee and Plancha (Japan, plus 8 bonus tracks).  ‘Phantom’ will be appeared on the flip-side of their first single for the forthcoming 2nd full-length produced by Mitch Easter!, released by Slumberland Records in fall 2011.

WATCH more :: Big Troubles – Georgia

Twerps – Black Eyes

The Twerps – Bullies

‘Black Eyes’ is taken from Twerps‘ forthcoming single co-released by Underwater Peoples on March 8th with Chapter Music to coincide with the band’s US tour.  Also another single ‘She Didn’t Know’ is scheduled for a later March release via Olde English Spelling Bee.  The two singles have matching cover art that, when combined, forms an even bigger picture, by Melboune artist Matlok Griffiths.  ‘Bullies’ on the Ancients split single is now free downloadable on Chapter Music’s Facebook page, here.  They’ve just recorded first full length album (untitled) with Jack Farley (Panel of Judges, ZOND, Beaches, St Helens) at Head Gap studios in Melbourne, it will be out early 2011.

Boomgates – Bright Idea

Melbourne’s lo-fi foursome, Twerps consist of guitarist/vocalist Marty Frawley (son of much-missed Paul Kelly & the Dots member Maurice Frawley), bassist Rick Milovanovic (Boomgates), guitarist Julia MacFarlane (ex Batrider) and drummer Patrick O’Neill.

Big Troubles – Georgia / Video: Alexander Iezzi

‘Georgia’ is taken from their latest album “Worry,” available on Olde English Spelling Bee Records (2010). 

Monopoly Child Star Searchers Nigtlife Band Presents: Bamboo For Two
Promo Video

This is a promo video for the full-length “Bamboo For Two” by Monopoly Child Star Searchers aka Spencer Clark (Skaters, Vodka Soap, Black Joker), due out on November 15th via Olde English Spelling Bee. The band features Spencer Clark with Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future), Eva Van Duren (Orphan Fairytale) and James Ferraro (Skaters, Lamborghini Crystal, CEO of Airhead Entertainment).

Pigeons – Race

Pigeons – The Postcard

Dusty psych pop ‘The Postcard’ is taken from the new 7″ single “Visions of the Valley” by Pigeons, the duo from Bronx, NY, in conjunction with their 2010 US tour, in an edition of 200 with hand-printed sleeves, out now on Soft Abuse It was recorded by themselves (Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin) in Bronx and in Paris (during their brief relocation).  And ‘Race’ is taken from the duo’s forthcoming full length LP “Liasons” which is due out on November 16th on Soft Abuse.

Listen ::  PIGEONS JUKEBOX on Soundcloud page uploaded by Olde English Spelling Bee.

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