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Puppet of the Government!!!!

taken from “How to Slip Away” album by Zach Phillips via OSR, featuring Nick Baker (The Channels , Size Queen) : vocal, drums.

“like water slapping a hulk” (Robert Desnos)

taken from Ruth Garbus ‘Joule’ 7″ EP (OSR#27, releases November 2014)

taken from Chris Weismen “Monet In The 90′s” 12″ LP (OSR#24, releases 17 November 2014)
recorded 2009 in Brattleboro, VT / mastered by Kramer

both releases are available via OSR, HERE.

Music On A Tape: Songs by Chris Weisman (OSR18, releases 10 November 2014)
all songs are covers of songs by New Hampshire-born , Brattleboro
Vermont songwriter , recordist & guitar teacher Chris Weisman

a compilation of 39 tracks covering Chris Wiseman’s songs on CASSETTE! 

20 minute “Garbus / Bissette” cassingle will be available on August 1st via OSR-Tapes.

Ruth Garbus (Feathers, Happy Birthday) & Danny Bissette, yolk heroes of Brattleboro, VT, with some new and beautiful songs. Check out Ruth’s releases on Burger & Autumn Records, and sit for an upcoming full length of stuff this good.  & look out for Danny’s eventual and incredible 7″ under the false flag of Bent Dynasties on Rarebit Records.
A: (Ruth) And You Be / I Won’t Quit ; B: (Danny) Dear Man / Change Yer Mind / Flower Pot / Eat w/ the Wolves

Chris Weisman – Maya Properties Part 1
mp3 download / donate at OSR Tapes, HERE.
Brattleboro 2012
digitized by Danny Bissette
further computer by Zach Phillips (Blanche Blanche Blanche)

OSR Tapes has dropped a Chris Weisman’s 4 hour, 88-song YouTube album “Maya Properties” in 11 parts.

“its ideal form is a piano painted by Kyle Thomas (King Tuff) where each key plays a song instead of a note. American composers in paradise write more music”

Chris Weisman – Holy Fool
from “Maya Properties,” Kyle Thomas — lead guitar.

Better Psychics – With My Attitude
from Chris Weisman’s recent collaboration project with Zach Phillips, Better Psychics‘ S/T cassette on OSR Tapes.

Chris Weisman’s “Nonmusical Patterns and their Musical Uses (for Guitar in Standard Tuning)” (2011) book contains one hundred geometric patterns overlaid to the fretboard of a guitar in standard tuning with a hand-made, perfect-bound softback with letterpressed cover.
Available directly from the Radical Readout Press.
READ :: Work & Worry blog’s interview with Chris Weisman on the subject of his book, 2011.

Blanche Blanche Blanche is the one of the projects of Zach Phillips from Brattleboro VT (comprised of Sarah Smith and Zach), his other projects include Bruce Hart, Horse Boys, GDC, Jordan Piper Philips and more. And their recordings have been released from several labels including his own imprint OSR Tapes (which has released Chris Weisman’s “Beatleboro” cassette), Feeding Tube Records, Night-People and their “Papas Proof” LP will be coming soon from La Station Radar.

Blanche Blanche Blanche – Fireworks, from “wink with both eyes”

Stream the Blanche Blanche Blanche’s second Night-People release “Wink With Both Eyes” in its entirety via Ad Hoc.

Kurt Weisman
“(Syd´s Snooze Room)´s Blues and Leather Gallery”
Video by Salvador Cresta
The song from Weisman’s pre-Spiritual Sci-fi 6-track 7″ MORE IS MORE (Mad Monk, 2006). Kurt Weisman formerly of Feathers, the eight-piece psychedelic folk collective in Vermont, is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and he has played with Devendra Banhart, J Mascis’ Witch, Happy Birthday (feat. his older brother Chris Weisman), Ryan Power, Robert Stillman and Nat Baldwin (The Dirty Projectors) who has covered a Weisman’s song ‘Let My Spirit Rise’ on his fifth album “People Changes” (Western Vinyl, 2011).

Kurt Weisman – New Blueberry Song
taken from 2010′s second full-length “Orange,” available via Autumn.

by Madrugapha

Oración Nocturna Para Pupa (Live from the Mountain)
Salvador Cresta Live from the Mountain.

And …. from Brattleboro, Vermont-based label OSR run by Zach Phillips (of Blanche Blanche Blanche), has just released Chris Weisman’s new cassette “Beatleboro.” OSR upcoming releases in 2012 includes a new cassette “Open Session Rock” by Blanche Blanche Blanche and Clov (C Weisman + B Stamper) archival compilation, Tori Kudo and more. Order/Further Info., HERE.