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“I’m choosing Van Dyke Parks because to my ears he is the spiritual godson of number-one American Maverick Charles Ives. If I were to turn this into a thesis, I’d argue that as Ives was steeped in marching band, spirituals and concert hall music, Parks’ ears are captured by mid-to-late 20th century stuff — including but not limited to calypso, ragtime, 60′s rock and psychedelia….. Though Parks works solely in the recorded medium and usually under the umbrella of ‘pop,’ his music is difficult enough to challenge and delight any listener.” -Owen Pallett (via WQXR)

Maverick Mixtapes: Owen Pallett
Maverick Mixtapes Streams Weekdays from March 8-30 at 2 PM

Owen Pallet was asked to make a mix, focused on Van Dyke Parks, for WQXR’s ‘Maverick Mixtapes’ series. And recently Bella Union has announced the long-awaited reissue of three classic albums by Van Dyke Parks, his first three solo albums, “Song Cycle” (1968), Discover “America” (1972) and “Clang Of The Yankee Reaper” (1975) are set to release in June, 2012.

Donovan – “Donovan’s colours” (cover by Van Dyke Parks)
Van Dyke Parks – “Sweet Trinidad”
Van Dyke Parks – “The Eagle and Me”
Harry Nilsson – “He needs me” (arr. by Van Dyke Parks; from Popeye soundtrack)
Inara George with Van Dyke Parks – “Rough Design”
Van Dyke Parks – “Palm Desert”
Van Dyke Parks – “An Invitation to Sin”
Van Dyke Parks – “Datsun Commercial”
Van Dyke Parks – “Ode to Tobago”
Sam Phillips – “Wasting my time” (arr. by Van Dyke Parks)
Louis Singer, Hy Zaret – “One Meat Ball” (perf. by Ry Cooder, arr. by Van Dyke Parks)
Van Dyke Parks – “Out on the rolling sea when Jesus speak to me”
Van Dyke Parks – “The All Golden”
Van Dyke Parks – “Money is King”
Van Dyke Parks – “Dreaming of Paris”
Van Dyke Parks – “By the people”
Van Dyke Parks – “Opportunity for Two”
Van Dyke Parks – “The Four Mills Brothers”

Owen Pallett – A Swedish Love Story (Domino)
01. Owen Pallett – No Ankles
02. Scandal at the parkade
03. Honour the dead, or else
04. Don’t stop

Owen Pallett follows his critically acclaimed album Heartland with an EP of brand new material. A Swedish Love Story brims with pop melodies, sweeping strings and joyous emotion. From the opening track’s propulsive rhythm and soaring vocals, to the taut and energetic strings of “Scandal at the parkade”, into the gorgeous and epic closer “Don’t stop”, the A Swedish Love Story EP is a stunning mini-masterpiece.

A Swedish Love Story (1970)

A Swedish Love Story (Swedish: En kärlekshistoria) is a 1970 Swedish romantic drama directed by Roy Andersson, starring Ann-Sofie Kylin and Rolf Sohlman as two teenagers falling in love.

Summer Camp – Round the Moon

Here’s the brand new clip for the soaring, synth-driven first single from Summer Camp‘s forthcoming EP, Young.(via Gorilla vs Bear) They use footage from the movie “A Swedish Love Story” .

Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Benoît Pioulard Remix)
Midnight Directives (Max Tundra Remix)

Both tracks are taken from Owen Pallett’s ‘Lewis Takes Off His Shirt’ EP as a free download for this week, featuring the “Heartland” album version of ‘Lewis Takes Off His Shirt’ as well as remixes by Dan Deacon, Benoît Pioulard and CFCF. Simon Bookish contributes a remix of ‘Keep The Dog Quiet’ and Max Tundra remixes ‘Midnight Directives.’

Download now via Domino USA, here.

“Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” from Owen Pallett’s latest album ‘Heartland.’
Directed by M Blash / Camera: M Blash, Bobby Bukowski / Props: Jacqueline Castell

“Now, More Than Ever” is the third solo album of Canadian singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie, originally released from Ba Da Bing (2003), will be re-issued soon as extended CD (+ 12 unreleased tracks) and first time available on 180g vinyl (+ 2 unreleased tracks). String arrangement by Owen Pallett, mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, London. Out on June 7th and now available for pre-order via 3 Syllable Records.

Jim Guthrie – Hug You Till I’m Blue (unreleased)
Jim Guthrie – Trust (from the album “A Thousands Songs”)
Jim Guthrie – 1901 (remixed by i am robot and proud)

JIM GUTHRIE has left an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene, from his early days as a home-rock DJ in Guelph, to his searing lead guitar in ROYAL CITY, ISLANDS, and HUMAN HIGHWAY. But his solo career is outstanding; every musician I know is indebted to him, especially me.  Working on Now More Than Ever with Jim, the band, and Andy Magoffin, none of us really understood the scope of it until it was released to great acclaim in Canada and beyond.  Jim’s songs are as cryptic as a crossword and as personal as a foot massage.  This record changed our lives, may it now change yours.”

LISTEN :: Exclusive New Song by Jim Guthrie ‘If Chairs Were Bears’
for the film soundtrack “When We Were Boys,” a film by Sarah Goodman.

Owen Pallett performing with Steve Kado at the final night of WL500 at the Garrison (Toronto, Feb 2010)

The song originally taken from the album “monsters rule this world” (Chicks on Speed, 2000) by (Thomas Sehl’s) Sylvesterboy.

Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) covered John Cale.

“Heartland” Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy)