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Puro Instinct – I’ve Got Some Happiness (Leland cover)

‘I’ve Got Some Happiness’ (Leland cover) is taken from L.A.’s duo Pearl Harbour, now Puro Instinct‘s self-titled debut EP which is available now on their bandcamp (Digital) site and Gloriette Records (12″) sometime in July.  Bass and drum programming by Cole Marsden Greif Neill a.k.a. Cole M.G.N. (of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti / The Samps / Nite Jewel).

<a target="_blank" href="" >Can&#8217;t Take You Anywhere by puro instinct</a>

Leland – I’ve Got Some Happiness
From the album Leland (Yoshitsu) “This Is My World”
(Contempt Records/1976)

Pearl Harbor – SXSW 2010 Cheer Up Charlies

One of the most anticipated day parties was the GorillaVsBear/Mexican Summer showcase at Klub Krucial, featuring bands The Golden Filter, Best Coast and Pearl Harbor. The Golden Filter settled into the groove nicely with hot electro-synth sounds and bombastic drumming.

Pearl Harbor, newcomers to the city of Austin, played a gorgeous set of California-dreaming pop songs, and guitarist Skylar Kaplan, now 16 years old, played with the confidence and swagger of a live-music veteran. Equally amazing was sister Piper Kaplan’s stage presence — sweet and dreamy, she hypnotized the audience into submission with sonically warm vocals and warmer smiles.

An excerpt from The Daily Texan
(via Wus Gwan?)

Pearl Harbor’s Fave #2
Wierd stuff no titles no credits found on the floor of an empty building in Santa Monica in 1976.

The Colorblind James Experience
‘Considering A Move To Memphis’
from the album “The Colorblind James Experience” (1987)

Animal Style – Somerset Blues
Animal Style – Staring At The Ground Is Wrong
(via Vice)

Pearl Harbor’s bassist-turned-guitarist-pt. deux, Cody, also plays guitar in Animal Style.  MySpace >>

GREENFIELD AND COOK – Don’t Turn Me Loose (Polydor 1972)

THE WESTWOODS – I Miss My Surfer Boy Too (A&M 1964)

*An answer song to The Trade Winds’ “New York’s a Lonely Town,”
The Westwoods featuring Garcia Nitzsche (known as the wife of Jack Nitzsche) on lead vocals and Marilyn Wilson on backing vocals. Arrangement by Jack Nitzsche.

Pearl Harbor – California Shakedown (via stereogum)
a song from their Wish We Were Here CD-R

MySpace >>

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