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From Portland, OR, The Domestics are: Michael Finn, Leo London, Kyle Moderhak, Matt Moore, and Brad Norton. Their self-titled debut full-length album is available via Tender Loving Empire, HERE.

ポートランドの注目すべきニューアクトという、マイケル・フィンとレオ・ロンドンの二人を中心に結成されたザ・ドメスティックスのファースト。マイケル・フィンはタッカー・マーティンのアシスタント・エンジニアとしてMy Morning Jacket、The Decemberists、Modest Mouse、Neko Case、Sufjan Stevensなど多くの作品に関わってきた人です。エリオット・スミスのトリビュート・ショーにも参加していたレオ・ロンドンはソロ・アクトとしても活動中。

The Domestics – Tower Blocks
[Official Music Video]
Animated by Leo London of The Domestics
From the album ‘The Domestics” (2015)  



“The Traveling Tapes – Portland” turned out to be a 40-minute
video-mixtape featuring some of the best talent Portland has to offer at
this time. Alela Diane performs a stunningly intimate, gripping version
of “Lost Land” on the porch of her house. Radiation City brighten a
shadowy appletree-garden with their jazzy, supersmooth blend of
harmony-heavy folk. Barna Howard charms a sunny afternoon in Rose Garden
with the longing beauty of the calm fingerpicking-tune “Lend Me A
Moment”. Extraordinary drummer and lyricist Neal Morgan chips in with
his unique spoken word poetry, performed in famous Tonalli’s Donut-Shop
on Alberta-Street. Lost Lander give proof of the band’s very special
chemistry and sense of catchiness while Ben Darwish of Morning Ritual
croons a heartbreaking R’n’B-lamento in his studio at Falcon Art
Community. Vikesh Kapoor contributes his gentrification-ballad “Ode To
My Hometown” right off Mississippi-Street, PWRHAUS jump on a streetcar
for an unusual live-performance of “Broken Man” and Houndstooth deliver
“Emilia” of their current Album “No News From Home” with tequila-fueled

Gordon Ashworth is an American artist and musician. His primary mediums are magnetic tape, stringed instruments, and field recordings. He has released dozens of solo recordings as Concern, Oscillating Innards, Caen, and Riverbed Mausoleum, and is a member of the extreme metal band Knelt Rote. He has performed in over 25 countries and works as a taxi driver in Portland, Oregon.”

iatrogenesis tapes Bandcamp

from Plastic Owen Band, released 03 November 2014
Autoharp samples, bass synth, piano, Omnichord, rhythm box & vocals by Owen Ashworth
Autoharp by Gordon Ashworth
Backing vocals by Julie Byrne
Additional vocals by Twila Ashworth

Horse Feathers “So It Is With Us”
released 21st October 2014 via Kill Rock Stars

Horse Feathers from Portland, Oregon, comprise of Justin Ringle, the man behind all ten years of the band (Guitar, Vocals) and Nathan Crockett (Violin, Mandolin, Saw), Dustin Dybvig (Drums, Piano), Lauren Vidal (Cello), Angie Kuzma (Violin, Vocals).

“For this album, the band was influenced by the following: Pentangle,
Talk Talk, Paul Simon, The Band, Van Morrison, John Wesley Harding era
Bob Dylan, Desire era Bob Dylan, and Abner Jay (not what you would have
guessed, right?)”

Golden Retriever is the duo of Matt Carlson (modular synthesizer) and Jonathan Sielaff (bass clarinet, formerly of Au), two musicians who blur the line between sounds created electronically and acoustically. The pair formed Golden Retriever in 2008 and began to develop a language informed by the practices of free improvisation as well as the tradition of American experimental electronic composers like Alvin Curran & David Behrman. Golden Retriever creates music that is creatively challenging and structurally complex while remaining inviting and emotionally dynamic rather than adopting a confrontational stance toward the listener.”Thrill Jockey Records

released 19 July 2014, Buy Now >> HERE
Little Axe Records, Portland, Oregon
Founded in 2011 when the original Mississippi Records split into two separate labels.


“I’ve always been drawn to the performance of public speaking, and to the melody and rhythm of a speaking voice, so it was a revelation to make a song and perform it in that way”

Neal Morgan is an American drummer/ percussionist / singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon, and he has been well known as the drummer for Joanna Newsom, Bill Callahan and Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold. His latest release, self-titled third album with spoken-word, is due out on June 17th via Party Damage Records.

from Wil Kristin

Neal Morgan talks Philip Guston

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