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R. Stevie Moore with LAKE
at the Eagle’s Hall in Olympia, Washington

LAKE has released their new album, “Circular Doorway” on Bandcamp and also their another new album “The World Is Real” will be coming on K records in the end of summer.
国内盤は”The World Is Real”と”Circular Doorway”、2枚の新作カップリング日本限定盤で、7e.p.より9/11にリリースされますヨ。詳しくはコチラで。

taken from the “Fukt!” album (released 21 November 2008 ), available on R. Stevie Moore’s bandcamp.

Kurt Wagner and Tim Burgess at The Beech House
(via Beech House Recording)

Listen another new song (rough mix) from the forthcoming second solo album “Oh No, I Love You” by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), it was recorded with R. Stevie Moore.

“One of the tracks we had recorded was not running as smoothly as the others – a song called The Doors of Then. We’d tried it with a full band, stripped back and every which way. Apart from recording the album, the only other thing I’d wanted to do was meet up with R. Stevie Moore. I’d first heard his songs around five years ago and had spent most of the intervening time trying to listen to as many of the 400 albums that he’d made as possible. Me met over a takeout pizza and we got on like a trailer park on fire. I told him about The Doors of Then and the next day we recorded it with R. Stevie playing everything except the drums. It sounded exactly as I’d wanted it to.”

via Huffington Post Entertainment Blog interview with Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess – The Doors Of Then (early rough mix) 
R. Stevie Moore – guitars & bass / Chris Scruggs – drums
/ Tony Crow – keyboards 

Recorded at Beech House, Nashville Oct 2011 by Mark Nevers  
(via RSM Soundcloud)

R Stevie Moore / The Vaccines
split 7″ (OGEN 016)

O Genesis Recordings, the label founded by The Charlatans‘ frontman Tim Burgess, has released three new 7” singles on Record Store Day, April 21st. It includes the debut double AA sided 7” by London 3 piece band Blood Music, and the first track ‘A Case For Vinyl’ from Tim Burgess’ forthcoming solo album – the follow up to 2003′s debut solo “I Believe,” then a split 7″ between R. Stevie Moore (‘Post Breakup Sex’) and The Vaccines (‘Why Should I Love You?’), covering each other’s songs.

‘A Case For Vinyl,’ written by Tim Burgess and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop, was recorded/produced last year in Nashville by Mark Nevers, with Kurt Wagner, Chris Scruggs on bass (a grandson of the legendary Earl Scruggs), Tony Crow (Lambchop) on piano. The flipside features a remix by Sam Willis from Walls. The full-length, Burgess in Nashville, album “Oh No I Love You” will be out in September.

Lambchop – 2B2,
a brand new video for the latest album “Mr. M” (Merge, 2012). 

Lambchop – Gone Tomorrow, from “Mr. M”

R. Stevie Moore + Claire Welles – Havana Moon
written by Chuck Berry 1956; shaker by James Richardson (MGMT)

Claire Welles >> Bandcamp, Soundcloud

Brooklyn based musician Aaron Roche‘s latest 7″ ‘Cyclocardoray‘ (w/ R. Stevie Moore and Dan Burns of Action!) b/w ‘Synthessiahis’ (w/Shahzad Ismaily) is now available via La Station Radar. ‘Cyclocardoray’ is taken from his EP “!BlurMyEyes,” due out on July 3rd via New Amsterdam Records. The full-length follow-up to the EP is currently in the works and will see a release sometime in 2013. Aaron Roche bandcamp.

Aaron Roche w/ R.Stevie Moore and Dan Burns by lastationradar Limited Edition Of 300 copies


Aaron Roche – Death Is All Around
Death Is All Around” by Aaron Roche from the “!BlurMyEyes” EP.
Video by In Transit founder and Asthmatic Kitty artist Jonathan Dueck.  

recorded by Konrad Snyder at Brown Owl Studio in Nashville with R. Stevie moore, Aaron roche + Dan burns, Feb 2012

released 30 November 2010
Aaron Roche and Tim Hinck have taken folk and modern classical music to another dimension entirely. The 4-D result is Plainspeak, recorded with members of the Chattanooga Symphony, William Tyler (Paperhats, Lambchop, Silver Jews, etc), Chris Davis (The Cherry Blossoms), Sarah Masen-Dark, and Dan Burns (Action!).

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti with R. Stevie Moore – Bright Lit Blue Skies

From night two of the R. Stevie Moore & A.p.’s H.g at Make-Out Room, 8/29/11, it was a part of the first-ever world tour, R. Stevie Moore + Tropical Ooze World Tour 2011. Recorded by OutofFocus.TV.

Dutch Me ~ Ariel Pink R. Stevie Moore by rstvmo11

rough mix tk. 1,
recorded by Jason Falkner at Rhetoric, L.A. CA 8-25-11 for the album “Ku Klux Glam” / all instruments RSM except casioprog AP, flybird guitar JF / vox by AP RSM JF + Carmen Clark / co-composed by APRSM

TRAILER– Phonography: The R. Stevie Moore Story
rsteviemoorefilm.com / kickstarter.com

Despite releasing over 400 albums, amassing a cult following, and receiving worldwide critical acclaim over the past 35 years, R. Stevie Moore, the godfather of DIY rock, finds himself in massive debt and on the brink of homelessness. The ups and downs and ins and outs of his brillant work and stalled career are revealed through exclusive interviews from fellow musicians, critics, family, friends, and Moore himself.

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