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Kevin Parnell

Sandro Perri & Eric Chenaux – The Drums
- House Show – Toronto – 2005

Skullsplitter” is the latest from experimental balladeer and outsider guitar hero Eric Chenaux. Available on Constellation.

真夏の昼下がりに ….

Brazos – How The Ranks Was Won (Official Video)
Directed by Martin Crane

Originally hailing from Austin TX., currently Brooklyn resident, Martin McNulty Crane a.k.a. Brazos set to release his Dead Oceans debut full-length ” Saltwater” on May 28th. It was recorded with his new bandmates Spencer Zahn (bass) and Ian Chang (drums), and mixed by Sandro Perri.

from Brazos’ self-released debut album “Phosphorescent Blues”
‘The Observer’ is the 1969 Rich poem Crane put to music.
released 10 November 2009

The Observer (by Adrienne Rich・アドリエンヌ・リッチ)

Completely protected on all sides by volcanoes
a woman, darkhaired, in stained jeans
sleeps in central Africa.
In her dreams, her notebooks, still
private as maiden diaries,
the mountain gorillas move through their life term;
their gentleness survives
observation. Six bands of them
inhabit, with her, the wooded highland.
When I lay me down to sleep
unsheltered by any natural guardians
from the panicky life-cycle of my tribe
I wake in the old cellblock
observing the daily executions,
rehearsing the laws
I cannot subscribe to,
envying the pale gorilla-scented dawn
she wakes into, the stream where she washes her hair,
the camera-flash of her quiet

Brazos – Charm
Live at Braund Sound Studio on Feb 25, 2013 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

released 20 January 2012
Brooklyn’s “Zombie Jazz” group, Father Figures comprise of Spencer Zahn, Jas Walton, Adam Schatz, Ian Chang, Ross Edwards.

Doug Tielli – Riversea
The song is taken from Tielli’s debut solo record “Swan Sky Sea Squirrel” released on Tin Angel Records / Blocks Recording Club. The video was shot by Southern Souls.

Doug Tielli – Riversea

Deer by Doug Tielli by blocksrecordingclub

Tielli played, recorded and produced most of “Swan Sky Sea Squirrel” himself. Guest on the record include Drumheller’s Nick Fraser, Jennifer Castle, and a “sloppy background choir”.

Brother of Martin (Rheostatics), and John (Rock Plaza Central, Metal Kites), Doug Tielli is a testament to the multiverse that is the underground music scene born of The Tranzac, the Toronto Australia New Zealand Club, musical home to many of Toronto’s shadow wizards like Sandro Perri, Ryan Driver, Eric Cheneaux and Alex Lukashevsky. There you might find Doug singing and playing guitar and trombone in critically beloved acts like The Silt, Drumheller, and the Reveries. Along with other members of The Silt, Doug backed fellow Tin Angel artist Devon Sproule on her most recent record “I Love You, Go Easy”.

Baby Dee – A Morning Holds A Star

Live Session for The Line of Best Fit on October 28th, 2011. With Doug Tielli on trombone, Joe Carvell on bass and Alex Neilsen on drums. Video by Sebastien Dehesdin.
Baby Dee’s new double disc album “Baby Dee Goes Down to Amsterdam,” recorded at a live show at Amsterdam’s Bimhuis venue, is out now via Tin Angel Records.

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Sandro Perri – Changes

Sandro Perri – Love and Light

Both tracks are taken from the new full-length “Impossible Spaces,” Sandro Perri’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2007 LP “Tiny Mirrors”. “Impossible Spaces” comes out today from Constellation.

Sandro Perri is a music maker from Toronto, Canada. Within the broad spectrum of his work are variations on new song, folk, electronic, dance, minimalism, jazz and rock. He has released more than a dozen solo and collaborative releases under his given name as well as Polmo Polpo, Glissandro 70, Dot Wiggin and Continuous Dick.
RIYL: Tim Buckley, Fred Neil, Arthur Russell, Owen Pallett …..

by Pedro Maia

music: Sandro Perri · video: Pedro Maia
for “Impossible Spaces (Constellation Records/2011)

WATCH more :: John K. Samson, Christine Fellows and Sandro Perri – Bruce Beckons, for the National Parks Project (2011). The soundtrack album is available from Last Gang Records.

Sandro Perri Tiny Mirrors (2007) CST047 by Constellation Records

Sandro Perri is a musician and producer from Toronto, Canada. He have played with the Great Lake Swimmers, Mantler, among others. Most notably, he adopted the moniker Polmo Polpo for some of his electronic compositions. In 2007, his debut full-length as Sandro Perri was released by Constellation, entitled Tiny Mirrors.

Sandro Perri – City Of Museums

Steamboat feat. Sandro Perri and Mantler – Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Gil Scott Heron cover)

Steamboat feat. Sandro Perri and Mantler – Jackie Blue (Ozark Mountain Daredevils cover)