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Sculpture – Slime Code (extract 2)
“Slime Code” vinyl edition is out now via Boomkat (UK) / Digitalis (USA).
Originally released on cassette KC001 by Kaleidoscope.

Dan Hayhurst: digital and analogue media devices 
Reuben Sutherland: video zoetrope turntablism

ROTARY SIGNAL EMITTER Picture Disc LP by Sculpture (via Arthur)

Audiovisual duo Sculpture use video zoetrope record deck, tape loops, cassettes, samples, computer programming and lo-fi electronics, cross-fertilizing analogue and digital techniques to generate energetic amalgams. Live performances explore intuitive possibilities and unforseen permutations.

SCULPTURE – Dan Hayhurst: Music / Reuben Sutherland: Animation

Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) – gtr skool spring term

Demonstration Reel