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‘Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log’ is taken from the A-side of a forthcoming split 7″ from Cass McCombs b/w Michael Hurley,  available in July 2013 from Secret Seven Records
Both tracks on this single are the new recordings from Mr. McCombs and Mr. Hurley. Full color picture sleeve painted by Michael Hurley himself. One time limited pressing.

Cover Art by Simon Evans

Stream the Secret Seven‘s forthcoming compiltion album “In A Cloud II: New Sounds From SF” featuring 13 previously unreleased recordings by some of San Francisco’s finest, Vetiver, Ty Segall, Hannah Lew (of Grass Widow), Wymond Miles (of Fresh & Onlys), Chuck Prophet, Lucky Eyes, Will Sprott (of The Mumlers), Sonny & The Sunsets, Paula Frazer, Kelley Stoltz, Bad Backs, Tim Cohen (of Fresh & Onlys), and The Papercuts. Coming this Summer!

In A Cloud II: New Sounds From San Francisco by Secret Seven

Secret Seven Records, SF has released the 2005′s self-released album by Sonny Smith (of Sonny & The Sunsets) “One Act Plays” on vinyl for the first time!

Sonny Smith – Troublesome Affair (from “One Act Plays”)

Sonny Smith – Eddie And Rita (from “One Act Plays”) 

And Sonny & The Sunsets’ new album “Longtime Companion” will be soon available on June 26th on their new label Polyvinyl Records.

“One Act Plays” CD (2005)

“The songs on One Act Plays started out as real one act plays written for the theater. But in writing them I began to make them songs at some point. I can’t remember when this mysterious shift happened…….. I had a few influences at the time I was writing them. One was Terry Allen’s Juarez, a concept record with recurring characters. Also I was really into Sam Shepard at the same time so I was reading a lot of his stuff. A few of the songs, like ‘Eddie and Rita’ even have some stage directions lifted directly from one of his plays. The song ‘Following Father’ took a bunch of facts from my dad’s cousin, a Texan who always had some get rich quick scheme that never lasted. I was trying to make some kind of Tennessee Williams like thing apparently. Epic! Large! Family! Redemption! Well, anyway, most of these plays are fictional, except for ‘Freaks In Space’ and ‘Honey Roy Rockwell’. Those two are the complete truth. The terrible truth.” –Sonny Smith

Guests for “One Act Plays” are Neko Case, Edith Frost, Mark Eitzel, Rico Bell, Jolie Holland, Peggy Honeywell, Virgil Shaw, Eugene & Akire Chen, Andy Cabic, and John Dwyer.

Michael Hurley – Automatic Slim & the Fatboys
previously unreleased early version, first appeared on “Snockgrass” (Rounder/1979, reissue on vinyl: Light In The Attic/2011)

Michael Hurley – I Can’t Help Myself
taken from “Ida Con Snock” album (Gnomonsong/2009)

Michael Hurley has released the lost album “Fatboy Spring” including unreleased tracks from 1972-73, it was co-released by Secret Seven/Mississippi Records.

The Attic Tapesと呼ばれ、40年近くを経て遂に陽の目を見たマイケル・ハーリィの70年代初期のお宝音源。その後、この録音時のバンド、ファット・ボーイズにホーリィ・モーダル・ラウンダーズのメンバーたちなどが合流してハーリィ爺の名盤「Have Moicey」を録音したのだとか ….。

The musicians in Automatic Slim and the Fatboys playing in various configurations on The Attic Tapes are: Michael Hurley, (Doc Snock) vocals, guitar / Robert Iwaskiewicz (Wax), guitar, bass, vocals / David Bessett (Silent Dave) guitar, vocals / Doug Southworth (The Reverend), mandolin, bass / Robert Nickson (Frog), percussion. Fatboys were formed in Vermont, 1972, the original band was called Puddledock.

“I wrote the tune “Automatic Slim & the Fat Boys” while I was there and it was supposed to be a theme song for the band. Eventually, with musicians going their own ways, the Fat Boy band morphed into another group called Sheriff Mocus (moakus) and the Derangen Cowboys. And then I formed another band called The Redbirds. Original members of the Fat Boys who were on the Rounder record Have Moicey were Robert Iwaskiewicz, Robert Nickson, and myself.” Michael Hurley

Grace Sings Sludge – The Same Way

‘The Same Way’ is taken from the 2nd cassette “Last Year’s Friend” by Grace Sings Sludge known as a solo project of The Sandwitches‘ Grace Cooper, now available for pre-order from Secret Seven Records. It features nine home recordings. Limited edition.

Side One: Harmon / East Of Friendship / The Same Way / Roger / Oh Bill!
Side Two: Last Year’s Friend / The Little Mermaid / Love Is Not A Feeling / Nite Tide

Carletta Sue Kay – For The Birds   (via Secret Seven)

Carletta Sue Kay are equal parts Marianne Faithful, Joanna Newsom and Emmylou Harris, coupled with the song writing styles of Stephin Merritt and Cole Porter. “
(… also Tiny Tim!)

“[CSK] just gets better and better … Really great band”
- Mark Eitzel

San Francisco’s treasure Carletta Sue Kay’s debut 7″ single ‘Pas Le Même’ b/w ‘Just Another Beautiful Boy‘ is out now from Daddy Pony Records, and their forthcoming first full-length “Incongruent” is due out on August 2nd from Daddy Pony.

Carletta Sue Kay sings ‘Pas la Méme’ @ SFitall at SXSW 3/18/11
CSK are:
Randy Walker (Carletta Sue Kay) — Vocals
Doug Hilsinger — Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Production

Doug Hilsinger – Burning_Airlines

30th Anniversary remake of
Brian Eno’s 1974 Classic,
Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)
Recorded and Produced by Doug Hilsinger
at Saucefaucet Int’l, Fall 2003

Tim Cohen – Don’t Give Up

‘Don’t Give Up’ is taken from the upcoming third solo full length “Magic Trick” by Tim Cohen known as the frontman of San Francisco’s the Fresh & Onlys and also known for helping Sonny Smith’s 100 Records project.  Joined by fellow soul searchers James Kim (Kelley Stoltz band), Noelle Cahill, and Alicia Vanden Huevel (Aislers Set), along with other supportive friends, “Magic Trick” is due out on February 22nd via Captured Tracks.  At the same day Captured Tracks release Cohen’s double 7″ with poster sleeve, an eight-song EP “Bad Blood.”

Tim Cohen – I Come Alive
‘Come Alive’ is taken from Secret Seven Record’s San Francisco compilation “In A Cloud“, released last year (LP is sold out, CD version will be available in March or April, 2011).

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