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NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, June 11, 2012
Daniel Johnston w/Sweet Lights

an infinite comic book of musical greatness
is a visceral, engaging work of art by celebrated singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston. The book combines the unique and brilliant characters, images and words of Daniel Johnston along with Daniel’s amazing music, and the musical and artistic contributions of fans, to create a one-of-a-kind interactive comic book experience. This project combines Daniel’s music and art to create a must-see experience for art, music, and comic fans everywhere. –BOOM! Studios 

by Albert Birney

Sweet Lights – Endless Town
Director: Albert Birney / Animator: Vanessa Lauria /

Sweet Lights – Ballad Of Kurt Vile #2
taken from the latest self-titled album.

Sweet Lights – You Let Me Down
recorded for Weathervane’s Shaking Through series / released 16 August 2011.

“Sweet Lights,” the debut S/T album of Philadelphia’s Sweet Lights (Shai Halperin of former Capitol Years, and currently of Daniel Johnston’s band), is available now via Highline Records. Also, the first 7″ single ‘Endless Town‘ (b/w ‘Handle With Care’ Traveling Wilburys’ cover. Limited) from the album is available now.

Big Troubles – Misery  from “Romantic Comedy”

Big Troubles‘ upcoming 7″ single ‘Sad Girls’ b/w ‘Phantom’ is due out on August 30th and their second full-length “Romantic Comedy” is due out on September 27th via Slumberland Records / Plancha (jp), 日本盤はボーナス・デモ・トラック3曲を追加. “Romantic Comedy” was recorded with producer Mitch Easter formerly of Let’s Active and Sneakers with Chris Stamey (of the dB’s), and as a producer, well known for his work with R.E.M, Pavement, Velvet Crush among others. The single’s B-side ‘Phantom’ was recorded for the Shaking Through sessions curated by Jenn and Liz Pelly, the twin sister co-authors of

Big Troubles – Georgia / Video: Alexander Iezzi
from 2010 album “Worry” via Olde English Spelling Bee / Plancha (jp)

R.J. Reynolds High vs Ridgewood High ….  

Twin Sister – Bad Street

‘Bad Street’ is taken from Twin Sister‘s forthcoming debut full-length album “In Heaven,” the follow up to their 2010‘s “Color Your Life” EP.  “In Heaven” is due out on September 26th (Rest of the world) / September 27th (US) via Domino. It was produced by the band, recorded and mixed by Brian McTear and Jonathan Low (Miner Street Recording, Weathervane Music Organization/Shaking Through), they worked for Twin Sister’s ‘Meet the Frownies‘ for Shaking Through series (2010). Also, ‘Meet the Frownies‘ is now appeared on The Luyas / Twin Sister split 7″ via Dead Oceans.

Shaking Through: Big Troubles – Phantom
May 17, 2011 – Vol. 2, Episode 5 in the Shaking Through 2011 Series
Curated by Jenn and Liz Pelly of The Pelly Twins. Recorded on March 5 and 6, 2011, produced by Brian McTear, engineered by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. The Video was produced by Peter English, with camera work by Ian Markiewicz, and edited by Mike Plunkett.

Big Troubles – Phantom

Alex, Ian, Sam and Luca arrived the night of March 4. The next two days would prove to be an amazing first recording experience in a high-end studio. Their song, “Phantom,” was the first full band recording since the album, Worry. 

Big Troubles‘ latest full length “Worry” has been available on Olde English Spelling Bee and Plancha (Japan, plus 8 bonus tracks).  ‘Phantom’ will be appeared on the flip-side of their first single for the forthcoming 2nd full-length produced by Mitch Easter!, released by Slumberland Records in fall 2011.

WATCH more :: Big Troubles – Georgia

January 18, 2010 – Vol. 2, Episode 1 in the Shaking Through 2011 Series features A Classic Education. Curated by Elise O. of Pixelhorse.  ‘Night Owl’ was recorded on October 23 and 24, 2010, produced by Brian McTear and engineered by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. The Video was produced and directed by Peter English. Edited by J. DeVirgilis.

A Classic Education – Night Owl

Weathervane Music and WXPN are proud to announce the first episode of 2011 in the Shaking Through series featuring A Classic Education and their new song “Night Owl.” A Classic Education, hailing from Bologna, Italy, was selected for Shaking Through by guest Curator Elise O of the incredibly smart Brooklyn-based music BLOG Pixelhorse.  A Classic Education’s latest EP “Hey There Stranger,” available via Lefse Records.

Sharon Van Etten – Love More

Sharon Van Etten Japan Tour 2010

12月03日(金) 奈良 カフェ・サンプル
12月04日(土) 京都 アバンギルド
12月05日(日) 敦賀 ピニョン・ピニョン
12月07日(火) 名古屋 KDハポン
12月08日(水) 鎌倉 カフェ・ゴーティー
12月09日(木) 渋谷 セヴンス・フロア
12月11日(土) 松本 CAFE salon as salon (群青2階)
12月12日(日) 初台 近江楽堂(東京オペラシティ内)

Further Info. >> Sweet Dreams

Sharon Van Etten – Shaking Through Session Jan. 2010

Reading Rainbow – Always on My Mind

‘Always on My Mind’ is taken from Readin Rainbow‘s recording for the Weathervane Music Project’s Shaking Through sessions curated by YVYNYL.  Their upcoming second album “Prism Eyes” is due out on November 23rd via Hozac Records.

WATCH :: their episode from Shaking Through session.

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