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Jen Schande – I Really Like Sonic Youth, And I Really Want to Have Sex With You

‘I Really Like Sonic Youth, And I Really Want to Have Sex With You’ by Jen Chochinov (a.k.a. Jen Schande –the singer, guitarist, songwriter for San Francisco local indie noise rock band Schande) is taken from her upcoming 8-song solo album “19: Songs for and Inspired by Valencia Chapter 19,” due out on July 17th, pre-order is available now on its bandcamp.
The album was written for the Valencia Movie(s) Project, and the song was based on chapter 19 (directed by Olivia Parriott) of “Valencia” written by Michelle Tea. Also, “Valencia Chapter 5″ (directed by Hilary Goldberg and produced by Shani Heckman) features Jen Turner (of Here We Go Magic) for its original soundtrack.  (via)

from Valencia Chapter 5 of Valencia The Movie/s

Valencia: The Movie/s is a collaborative film project headed by Michelle Tea and filmmaker Hilary Goldberg. Twenty one queer filmmakers each shoot a 5-7 minute short based on a chapter from the book. Illustrator Ariel Dunitz-Johnson helps visually tie the work together with stunning portraits of the 21 “Michelle” characters who vary in age, gender, size, ethnicity, style and era!


Film by Allison Schulnik, Copyright Allison Schulnik 2011
Cinematography by Helder K. Sun
Music: “It’s Raining Today” written by Noel Scott Engel (Scott Walker), from the album “Scott 3″ (Philips / Fontana, 1969)


Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able [Official Music Video]
Video for ‘Ready, Able,’ from Grizzly Bear’s “Veckatimest” (Warp, 2009)
Directed by Allison Schulnik.

”Sweet Wishes” (via The Raymond Scott Archives)
Short Film by Mark Ryden and Marion Peck.
Music by Raymond Scott and the Secret 7, “And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon,” from THE UNEXPECTED Vocal by Dorothy Collins. 

Exclusive Video Premiere: A Short Film About Frank Fairfield via IFC

The 25-year-old California musician Frank Fairfield has toured in support of Fleet Foxes and Cass McCombs, two bands at or near indie rock’s recent crossover metastasis. But Fairfield doesn’t approach the twisting folk-pop of Fleet Foxes or the elliptical escapades of Cass McCombs. Rather, Fairfield plays banjo, guitar, fiddle and, quite often, the floor with his feet as he stomps out the rhythm of American songs that sometimes date beyond the century mark. Fairfield is an old-time musician, a passionate and untiring searcher and syndicate of song. He finds his tunes on old 78s or from fellow travelers in the antediluvian world of oral tradition, and he reenergizes them with an enthusiasm and an earnestness that’s very much about how these songs fit right now.

“La Puppé” (2004/Short Film),
written, directed and produced by Timothy Greenberg

A gentle parody and loving homage to Chris Marker’s classic 1962 short La Jetée, LA PUPPÉ is also a tale of loss, fate and man’s reckless appetite for self-destruction—but with more jokes. Told in a series of starkly lit black-and-white still photographs, LA PUPPÉ features a surprisingly nuanced performance from Marty, the patriarch of the French New Wave Plush-Toy movement and the leading inanimate object working in film today. 

WATCH :: “La Puppé”, here!


Tylenol for Nagging Pain, a short film by Timothy Greenberg

Sweet Dreams Press: 頭痛薬にまつわる少々頭の痛い話 その1

How To Be Alone …. ヒトリボッチのススメ
(Thanks for For Arbors / For Satellites)

“Society is afraid of alonedom, like lonely hearts are wasting away in basements, like people must have problems if, after a while, nobody is dating them. but lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.”

A video by filmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis, shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was produced by Bravo!FACT.

GETAWAY 2010, Premiere Version (NYSFF 2010)
Filmed by Joey Gallagher
Score by Calvin LeCompte of Tough Knuckles with songs by Ducktails (aka Matt Mondanile of Real Estate) and Julian Lynch

The forthcoming official third full-length “Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics” is due out on January 10th via Woodsist.  Julian Lynch’s next full-length “Terra” will be released early next year via Underwater Peoples.  It was recorded mostly at Evan Brody’s house while Jullian was recording Evan’s band Family Portrait.  READ :: recent interview at Octopus Windmill Blog.

Tough Knuckles – Is It What I Said

Tough Knuckles – Listen to the Thunder

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