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Sam Prekop – Weather Vane (Official Music Video)
from the album “The Republic” (2015) by Sam Prekop, on Thrill Jockey Records
Courtesy of David Hartt and David Nolan Gallery, NYC

Photo courtesy of Nadine Schneller

Andrew Bird and Ian Schneller‘s Sonic Arboretum at the Guggenheim, NYC, August 5, 2010. This is awesome!

Andrew Bird at the Guggenheim, NYC, August 5, 2010
“Dark Sounds” concert series
“Section 8 City”/ “Take Courage”/ instrumental

Taking inspiration from early music concrete and electronic music, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Nuno Canavarro, Raymond Scott, David Behrman, and free improvisation, Old Punch Card is a beautifully noisy, jagged, yet stately album of synthesizer music.

Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes

‘The Silhouettes’ is taken from the forthcoming new full length “Old Punch Card” by Sam Perkop (Shrimp Boat~The Sea and Cake).  “Old Punch Card” is due out on September 7th via Thrill Jockey.

“I’d have to say this record is pretty much unlike anything else I’ve done. There’s some relation to music I made for my book “Photographs” but really only in instrumentation. The intro to The Sea and Cake’s David Bowie cover of “Sound and Vision”, on One Bedroom is an early precedent. The most significant difference, is that I’ve left the confines of “song” structure.”

a collection of photography created by Sam Prekop has been available on Presspop (Japan), and here.

The Alchemists of Sound (Part 1)
2003 documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The Sea and Cake – Sound and Vision (David Bowie cover)

Envision a Sonic Arboretum — a symphonic field of poppies, a prairie of sound, a forest floor of hornlings — all parts of one “ecosystem.”  Musician / composer Andrew Bird and artist / sculptor / inventor Ian Schneller (Shrimp Boat, Falstaff) of Specimen Products have collaborated to develop the Sonic Arboretum, debuting at the Guggenheim Museum’s Dark Sounds summer concert series on Thursday, August 5th.

Read more about Sonic Arboretum here!  More videos here!

This video was taken the day Andrew Bird played through his new Specimen Janus Horn Speakers for the first time. The song he is playing is “Plasticities.”  This is all done live in Specimen Guitar Shop, Chicago IL. (2007)

“Cat with catfish hands,”
a painting by Eric Claridge (Shrimp Boat, The Sea and Cake)

“Not sure what to say about that one except I think the painting title came first, a rarity. I have an art show opening next Thursday so I’ll have some new work up on my website after next week.”  –Cheers!–Eric

This unique speaker was created by Ian Schneller (Shrimp Boat, The Sea and Cake) of Specimen Guitar Shop, Chicago IL.