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A new collaborative 10″ EP by Carletta Sue Kay and Pruno Truman (i.e. Heidi Alexander of The Sandwitches) is out NOW on Weird World Records. This track was recorded with John Dwyer, Kelley Stoltz, Jamin Barton, and Doug Hilsinger. Also, Two additional releases under the name of PRUNO TRUMAN will be out next week on Southpaw Records and Empty Cellar Records. Both are limited tape EPs.

A Music Video made by Jeanne Applegate to celebrate the reissue of Michael Yonkers’ early 70′s album, “Goodby Sunball”.  Remastered from the original LP by Ben Tuttle.  Limited to 500 copies.  Out now on Secret Seven Records.

Michael Yonkers – The Swamp Of Love
Grace Cooper – Oh Can You Tell Me (Michael Yonkers cover)

Both songs of ‘The Swamp of Love’ and ‘Oh Can You Tell Me” covered by Grace Cooper (of The Sandwitches) are included on “Goodby Sunball.”  The Sandwitches‘  “Duck Duck Goose” 12″ EP is also out now via Secret Seven Records and Empty Cellar. And their upcoming 7″ is due out on Oakland label SouthpawPre-orders will be shipping in Mid August.  ‘Makes Me Sick’ is taken from the a-side (via GvB).

The Sandwitches – Makes Me Sick