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Chris Lee – Antony Flew
as a teaser track from the upcoming LP “Bury the Kings.”

Chris Lee is a North Carolina-born singer currently living in Brooklyn. He has been a DJ, an editor of Op-Eds, author of the Weekend Miser column, and a guitarist in an array of avant-leaning ensembles, and he has recorded three albums, two on Misra and one on Smells Like Records in the 00′s. “Bury the Kings” LP is the 4th full-length finished with his longtime collaborator Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth). It was recorded and mixed by Ted Young at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, NJ., and features Chris on vocals and guitar backed by David Nagler (Nova Social, John Wesley Harding and Jon Langford collaborator) on keyboards, Aaron McClellan (Tall Firs) on bass, Joey McClellan on guitar and Shelley on drums. “Bury the Kings” is set to release on July 31st via Steve Shelley’s new imprint Vampire Blues

Also.. from Vampire Blues on July 31st, Spectre Folk’s “The Ancient Storm,” the six-track album by Pete Nolan (Magik Markers) along with Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady), Aaron Mullan and Steve Shelley, will be released on LP with a free download card that includes 5 bonus songs not on the LP. Spectre Folk’s “The Blackest Medicine, Vol.II” 12″ EP is available on Woodsist label, HERE.

Spectre Folk – Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

Last Nights presents: Jefferson High, Images, Spectre Folk, MV+EE with Mick Flower and Jeremy Earl, a little snapshot of Live @ Death By Audio 4.8.2011


Woods will release their 6th full-length album “Sun & Shade,” due out on June 14th via Woodsist, recorded at the new Woodsist Headquarters in Warwick, NY. with production assistance from Glenn Donaldson (of Skygreen Leapards and Art Museums). Also via Woodsist, Matt “MV” Valentine (of MV+EE) will release his new LP “What I Became,” due out on June 14th.

“Pushing Onlys” – Woods by forcefieldpr

Matt “MV” Valentine: “PK Dick” by alteredzones

Spectre Folk – The Blackest Medicine

Spectre Folk known as a project of Brooklyn’s Pete Nolan (of the Magik Markers drummer, and founder of the Arbitrary Signs record label) has a new EP “The Blackest Medicine, Vol. 2,” which is due out on March 29th via Woodsist.  ‘The Blackest Medicine’ is a reworked version, originally appeared on Limited 2007 S/T LP via Woodsist.  The latest incarnation of Spectre Folk includes Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) ran drums, Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady) glued guitar and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs).

by pax

Spectre Folk – Burning Bridge (from 2009 LP “Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo“) / Directed by Pax Stabile

Spectre Folk – Burning Bridge

Spectre Folk is a one-man operation consisting of Pete Nolan (drums for the Magik Markers, Shackamaxon, GHQ, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, etc.).  He recently turned the band into an all-star line-up that includes Peter Meehan (NY Times food writer), and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth). Their new record in the works for woodsist.