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Stephen Steinbrink – Trust
Edited and directed by Adam Oelsner.
The song is taken from Stephen Steinbrink’s latest album “Arranged Waves”, available now from melodic records and iTunes.

“Arranged Waves”
Engineered and produced by Stephen Steinbrink in the Langridge House Studio in Olympia, WA. Basic tracking for “Now You See Everything” and “Sand Mandalas” by Eli Moore. 

Mastered by Ephriam Nagler.
Musical arrangements by Stephen Steinbrink and Andrew Dorsett.
All music and words written by Stephen Steinbrink.

 こんなにメロディックなSSWなのに、なぜかいつも倒錯気味な被りものが…どうも好きらしいスティーヴン・スタインブリンク。現在はオリンピア在住ですが、かつてはアリゾナ州フェニックスでフレンチ・クオーターというソロ・プロジェクトで評判に。その頃は「ボクはカートゥーン描きのポップ・ミュージック・メイカー」なんて語ってました。LAKEのアンドリュー・ドーセットもその頃からのコラボレーター。今度のアルバム『Arranged Waves』は、フェニックスで録音した一昨年のアルバム『I Drew a Picture』に続く作品で、オリンピアでアンドリュー・ドーセットと一緒に録音、LAKEのメンバーたちもバックアップした作品で、UKレーベル、Melodic Recordsからの初リリース、日本盤はP-Vineからリリースされています。

LAKEも来日間近! 詳しくはコチラで。

“Condensed Nothing” is a new album by Arizona’s Stephen Steinbrink (aka French Quarter), recorded at home, the follow-up to his previous “Desert Wasn’t Welcome” (2011) album which was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, WA by Bob Schwenkler.
Released December 27th, 2011 by Holy Page of Tempe, AZ.
Purchase the cassette, HERE.

CMG & We Are The Night – Build Fires (French Quarter cover)

A band hailing from San Pedro California, CMG & We Are The Night (led by Carlos Michael Gutierrez) has covered French Quarter’s song ‘Build Fires‘ for the benefit compilation album “Friends & Family – A Benefit For Hunger Relief” released by Mountain Man Records. Stream their debut album “Golden Ghosts” (2010) on the bandcamp.

“Friends & Family” compilation also features ‘I Could Not Tell If You Were Smiling’ by Stephen Steinbrink (aka French Quarter).

“My name is Stephen Steinbrink. I am a pop music maker,
cartoon drawer and VHS librarian from Phoenix, AZ.”

“The newest album by Arizona’s French Quarter “Desert Wasn’t Welcome,” marks the fourth full-length release by 23-year-old songwriter Stephen Steinbrink. While French Quarter has been primarily a solo recording project for countless tours and a deluge of small run tapes, cd-rs, and vinyl, “Desert Wasn’t Welcome” marks the first collaborative recorded effort of Steinbrink and his long-time live band (with Preston Bryant and Chase Kamp) with Andrew Dorsett (of LAKE) on Piano and Keyboards”

Recorded on May 18th, 19th, 20th, 2011 at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, WA by Bob Schwenkler. Digital album is now available on their bandcamp, physically available on the 12″ LP format via Off Tempo Recordz around mid-October and in the cassette format via Wizards of the Ghost.


French Quarter – Neighbors in the Bedroom
performing “Neighbors in the Bedroom” at the Trunk Space, 04/17/2011.

Stephen Steinbrink – Deny Your Creator
Taken from the upcoming Stephen Steinbrink’s Yellow Canary Jumpsuit cassette via Le Horror Records.

French Quarter Live at the Sandlot DVD-R Trailer

French Quarter “Live at the Sandlot” 30 minute DVD footage features 9 songs from Arizona’s French Quarter a.k.a. Stephen Steinrbink’s live set in Long Beach, CA, available now on Mountain Man Records. Also, French Quarter’s new LP “It’s Not Just Kissing” has co-released by Gilgongo Records, Life’s Blood, and No More Second Chances.
Thanks to Mountain Man Records.

Born in May, 1988 in Mesa, AZ. Right now I live in my parents’ garage and I make pop music and tour as much as I can, as “French Quarter” or “Stephen Steinbrink” (it’s the same thing, people). I also have played/play in Pigeon Religion, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Roar, and Foot Ox. I also avidly draw in my cartoon ‘zine, “Manys”. This DVD was filmed at our house where French Quarter played an intimate show to about 30 people. It comes with the Audio Files as well as the Movie on one disc!

French Quarter – Neighbors In The Bedroom
French Quarter – Wet Cloud
taken from the LP “It’s Not Just Kissing”

Stephen Steinbrink a.k.a. French Quarter – Breath of Fire (2009)

Breath Of Fire by Stephen Steinbrink of of “Ugly Unknowns” with touring band Teague Cullen, Bri White, and Chase Kamp. Shot in San Francisco on a warm January day by Jaélita and Courtney Trouble. Edited by Courtney Trouble.