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Sweet Dreams Press presents
Jad Fair, Norman Blake and Tenniscoats
Japan Tour 2013


5月10日(金)東京・渋谷 オ・ネスト
5月11日(土)東京・渋谷 オ・ネスト
5月15日(水)松本 MOLE HALL
5月16日(木)名古屋 得三
5月17日(金)京都 アバンギルド
5月18日(土)神戸 旧グッゲンハイム邸

詳細はコチラ、Sweet Dreams Pressで。

Jad Fair & Norman Blake – Red Dress (Café&Pop Torgal)
Jad Fair (Half Japanese) y Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) interpretando “Red Dress” en el Café&Pop Torgal de Ourense (12/05/2012).

Norman Blake & Jad Fair “The story of an artist”
(Daniel Johnston cover, from the album “Don’t Be Scared” in July 1982)

LE TON MITÉ “Kumokokudo” (Sweet Dreams Press, 2012)


McCloud ZICMUSE has been active in the musical world since the late 1980′s. He is known internationally as an improvisor and composer of eccentric, pop influenced music. He has shared the stage with bands from all corners of the earth and all walks of life, spending the most part of his time with his project, LE TON MITÉ. The links between his work as a musician and that of an artist can been clearly seen through the graphic presentation of his musics and be clearly heard through the simplicity of his lyrics.

LE TON MITÉ – Autel Rustique by Sweet Dreams Press
“Kumokokudo” is NOW available via Sweet Dreams Press.


Tenniscoats + Mccloud Zicmuse + Umeda tetsuya performing together In the forest (Gothenburg, Sweden 17 june 2012)

詳細はSweet Dreams Pressで。

Sweet Dreams Press has announced that their upcoming release, “Enjoy Your Life” collaborative album by Jad Fair & Tenniscoats, is due out on October 15th, and now available for pre-orders through their website. Please spread this around the world!

Jad Fair & Tenniscoats – I Know That We Can by Sweet Dreams Press


Tenniscoats – Sukiyaki song
Guggenheim House (Kobe), March 12th
during Jad Fair + Tenniscoats Japan Tour 2011

Jad Fair is flying back home today.

Jad Fair + Tenniscoats Japan Tour 2011

3月5日(土) 東京 渋谷オ・ネスト
出演:ジャド・フェア、ps xo、おにんこ! 他
3月6日(日) 東京 渋谷オ・ネスト
3月9日(水) 松本 hair salon 群青
3月10日(木) 名古屋 KDハポン
出演:ジャド・フェア、テニスコーツ、ps xo、CAVEMAN
3月11日(金) 大阪 サンスイ
出演:ジャド・フェア、オオルタイチ+ウタモ、ps xo、M.A.G.O.
3月12日(土) 神戸 旧グッゲンハイム邸

further information : Sweet Dreams

Hearts by Jad Fair

Tenniscoats – Baibaba Bimba – A Take Away Show

“Casiotone Compilation” is an adorable little single CD from aotomo,
featuring the pitchshifters, aki tsuyuko, OPQ, borzoi, kenichi fumoto, daily life (kites), my pal foot foot, electric ear, test pattern, saya (tenniscoats), pagtas, popo, hanauo, ippei matsui (teasi), tanaka, askococo, inoyamaland, torch, jugz, gonzo murakami, shibata & asuna
cover drawings by CFTPA (casiotone for the painfully alone)