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The dB’s – Write Back
(via BLURT magazine)

Here’s a new animated video directed by Emily Hubley for The dB’s ‘Write Back’ (written by Will Rigby), the song was taken from their latest album “Falling off the Sky” (2012, Bar/None Records). 

WATCH more ::  The dB’s ‘Big Brown Eyes,’ it was also directed by Emily Hubley in the early 80′s.

“I wanted to make a record that could make you feel less alone, like someone else has been there before you,” Stamey explains. “I was thinking about records like The Ballad of Todd Rundgren and Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter and Robert Wyatt’s “At Last I Am Free” and Richard Thompson’s “Small Town Romance.” Those are all records that were a source of comfort to me at various points in my life.” –Chris Stamey

Download ‘Astronomy’ from “Lovesick Blues”

“Lovesick Blues” is Chris Stamey’s first full-length release since “A Question of Temperature,” his 2005 collaboration with Yo La Tengo, and follows on the heels of “Falling Off the Sky,” the long-awaited reunion album of The dB’s, as well as Stamey’s involvement as musical director and orchestrator for a series of all-star concert performances of Big Star’s classic Third album in New York, London, Austin and Carrboro, NC.

It was recorded at Modern Recording in Chapel Hill that Stamey has operated for the past two decades, with his fellow North Carolina musician/producer Jeff Crawford (Roman Candle, Max Indian, Old Ceremony). And… the album includes ‘You n Me n XTC,’ Stamey invited Andy Partridge to make a vocal cameo, ‘Occasional Shivers,’ the song previously appeared on a Christmas single in 1986, and the seven-minute “Lovesick Blues,” dedicated to the late North Carolina guitar great Sam Moss.

Due out on February 5th, 2013 release via Yep Rock.


The dB’s – Before We Were Born

The dB’s – That Time is Gone

Both tracks above are taken from the forthcoming new full-length “Falling Off The Sky” by North Carolina via Hoboken, New Jersey power-pop legends, The dB’s. Due out on June 12th via Bar/None Records. This is the long-awaited first album in 25 years and it will be the first time to feature the dB’s original lineup — Peter Holsapple, Gene Holder, Will Rigby and Chris Stamey — since their second album “Repercussion” in 1982. The 12 songs on the album was produced by The dB’s with assistance from their old friends Scott Litt and Mitch Easter.
Download 2 Free Tracks from Bar/None now!

MJTV: The dB’s – Live @ B.D. Riley’s, SXSW, March 16, 2012
with Mitch Easter on bass and Fred Harris on keyboards.


That Time Is Gone – The dB’s – Live @ SXSW


Love Is For Lovers – The dB’s – Live @ SXSW
The song originally appeared on “Like This” (Bearsville, 1984)

WATCH more from the show including the another new song ‘Kaleidoscope’ from the new album, HERE.

The dB’s have released the new single, “Revolution of the Mind” as a free download in support of OccupyWallStreet.

The reunited foursome, Peter Holsapple, Gene Holder, Will Rigby, Chris Stamey, recorded the non-album track Revolution Of The Mind (which includes “revolutionary guitar” by Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo and background vocals by Django Haskins of the Old Ceremony) during sessions for their 2012′s new full length “Falling Off the Sky,” it features 12 new songs produced by the band, with additional production by Scott Litt and Mitch Easter.

The dB’s – Revolution of the Mind
Edited by CreatoDestructo Imagery, featuring footage from the Adele Pham and the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective.

drawings by Peter Blegvad

(via Radio Free Song Club / Presented by Nicholas Hill)

Freedy Johnston – A Little Bit of Something Wrong
written by Freedy Johnston, performed by Freedy with Dave Schramm live on RFSC Second Number / Trouble Tree Music (BMI)

Peter Holsapple – Oh My (I Gotta Write a New Song)
written, performed, recorded by Peter Holsapple (The dB’s) / Hospital Music, BMI admin. by Bug Music

Victoria Williams – Fall Experience
written and performed by Victoria (vocal and long neck banjo), Jeff Fiellder guitar, Isobel Campbell cello and background vocals, and Jim the engineer background vocals

Radio Free Song Club is a group of veteran writers with a monthly song deadline. Host Nicholas Hill presents these new tunes along with interviews and live performances and special guests. Some of the songs are finished and fully produced, some are roughly recorded fragments, some in-between. The writers are looking for a good song, the world is looking for a good song. Someone might get lucky.

“Songs are hard to beat. . . Portable, flexible, adhesive; appealing to mind, heart, and body as required. They can unite a community or touch the solitary in each listener or both at once. No mean feat.” (Peter Blegvad)

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via the dB’s online>> is pleased to present the premiere of the “Neverland” music video. The footage was shot in 1982 by Phil Marino, who used some of the stills for the cover of Like This. However, the footage languished, The dB’s lost touch with Phil, and before you could say “Super 8″ a quarter century had gone by.
In no small coincidence, Jake Gorst, filmmaker and creator in 2001 of The dB’s Online, knew Phil Marino, although neither knew of the other’s connection to The dB’s until Jake suddenly realized and asked Phil. Through this happenstance not only were The dB’s reunited with Phil, but he donated quite a bit of material to the band’s archives, including the footage before you now.
Jake has edited it together with Phil’s blessing and as originally intended. It’s ancient history, but it’s also brand new. Like a vintage clothing store, or 1936 Chateau Lafite Rothschild.
We sure were skinny…         Will Rigby, June 2008

*Footage of the first lineup of the dB’s are up on YouTube, courtesy of Danny Cornyetz.  “Soul Kiss”>>