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“We made a very special EP to help support Japan. It is all unreleased material. Please donate what you can and spread the word!”  

The Morning Benders

先週、ボクたちは日本でのはじめての公演をする予定でした。それはボクたちにとって、とてもとくべつな旅路になろうとしていました、とりわけボクにとっては。ボクはいつも日本に戻って演奏することを夢見ていました。そんなに知られていませんが、ボクは日本で生まれたんです。住んでいたのは、ほんの2年でしたが、ボクはいつも日本や日本のひとたちへの深い愛を抱いてました。今そこで起こっているすべてのことを知り、言いあらわせないほど、ボクは悲しくて無力に感じています。そして、たとえそこへ行けなかったとしても、ボクたちが助けられるすべてのことをしたいのです。 We love you, Japan.   xo,  クリス

Japan Echo EP (日本・エコー) Tracklisting:

1. Cold War (Star Slinger Remix)
2. Better In Blue
3. Hand Me Downs (Wild Nothing Remix)
4. Excuses (RAC Remix)
5. Mason Jar (Twin Sister Remix)
6. Wet Cement (Aislyn Remix)
7. Little Riot
8. Promises (Star Slinger Remix)

Donate & Download ::

Ra Ra Riot – Too Dramatic (Morning Benders Remix)

The Morning Benders plays a very new exclusive song, called ‘Virgins’ for la Blogotheque‘s Soiree de Poche.  More stuff will come (including a featuring from St Vincent).

WATCH :: Previous Soirée de poche rehearsal.

The Morning Benders – Virgins (Exclusive new track for Blogotheque)

Fellini: Giulietta Degli Spiriti (1964)

The Morning Benders – Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)

Download: The Morning Benders – Echomix 2

Nino Rota “Amore Per Tuti” (from Fellini: Giulietta Degli Spiriti)
Fur “Polybreak”
Parsley Sound “Ease Yourself and Glide”
R. Kelly “Exit”
Teen Inc. “Fountains”
Paul McCartney “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey”
Jai Paul “BTSTU (Demo)”
The Morning Benders “Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)”
Four Mints “You’re My Desire”
Harry Nilsson “Early In The Morning”

The Morning Benders – Marie (Randy Newman cover)
Taken from “the bedroom covers

Chloe Makes Music – Duel (feat. Chris Chu)   (via The Bay Area Bridged)
Taken from the upcoming solo debut album “The Puppeteers” of San Francisco’s Chloe Roth, aka Chloe Makes Music, produced by Chris Chu.

The Morning Benders rehearsing before Blogotheque‘s Soirée de poche in Paris. Just a casual video. More beautiful stuff to come (including a featuring from St Vincent)

From Phoenix, AZ to now Brooklyn, NY based 4 piece band, Miniature Tigers consists of Charlie Brand (vocals, guitar), Rick Alvin (drums, vocals, keys), Algernon Quashie (guitar, keys, drums), Alex Gerber (bass, rainstick).  ‘Bullfighter Jacket’ is taken from their new full length “FORTRESS” coming out on July 27th via Modern Art Records, which was produced by Chris Chu (of The Morning Benders) at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY earlier this year.  ‘Gold Skull’ is taken from the first single from the album, produced by Alan Palomo (of Neon Indian).

Miniature Tigers – Bullfighter Jacket
Miniature Tigers – Good Skull

WATCH :: ‘Good Skull’ video.

Miniature Tigers – Logans Bread Is Lemons (2007)

“If you put this mix on backwards and play it while you eat a bowl of cereal, you’ll see your entire future.”

Chris Chu, lead singer of the morning benders, was kind enough to take some time away while touring through Europe to put together a really great, super summer-jam mix for us. Mad vibes. From Mr. Chu:  (say mayday blog)
 It contains ‘Have One On Me (Joanna Newsom / J Dilla Cover)’!

STREAM & DOWNLOAD ::  The Morning Benders: Echomix1

Track List
01. Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters “Tonight You Belong To Me
02. Xavier Cugat “Perfidia (Instrumental)“
03. The Avalanches “Since I Left You“
04. The Radio Dept “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done“
05. The Walkmen “There Goes My Baby (The Drifters Cover)“
06. Bibio “Lovers’ Carvings“
07. The Morning Benders “Have One On Me (Joanna Newsom / J Dilla Cover)“
08. Twin Sister “Lady Daydream (Cassette Version)“
09. Arthur Russell “Lucky Cloud“
10. Blur “Caravan“
11. Smokey Robinson and The Miracles “Ooo Baby Baby”

The Morning Benders also recorded “Stitches” on the same day as their first Yours Truly session for “Excuses” at the Different Fur Studios.

The Morning Benders – Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ About That Girl (Kinks cover)   (via R&G)

Dawes & The Morning Benders – If You Let Me Be Your Anchor

WATCH :: Another session, Dawes & The Morning Benders – When My Time comes

Levek – Loon and the Lion
Levek – Heave Ho
Levek – Remade Horizon (Dirty Projectors cover)

David Levesque a.k.a. Levek is a elementary school’s bus driver in Florida, and he makes incredible Mickey Mouse tribal sounds and videos.
Thanks I Guess I’m Floating.

Levek – Shift (acappella Grizzly Bear cover)

“This is my a-cappella version of my favorite grizzly bear song on their Friend EP. I put it to an old Disney film from 1948. Grizzly Bear always gives me that old Disney vibe for some reason. Hope you enjoy.”

The Morning Benders – I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book Cover)

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