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The Western Elstons – Twilight Time (The Three Suns cover)
May 11th, 2013, at The Friendly Tap.  Filmed by Sharon Rutledge.

The Flat Five – Kites Are Fun (the Free Design cover)
Dec. 10, 2010, at the Hideout in Chicago. Filmed by Robert Loerzel.

The Western Elstons featuring: Scott Ligon and Casey McDonough (NRBQ), Joel Paterson, Alex Hall, & Jimmy Sutton.

The Flat Five featuring: Alex Hall, Kelly Hogan, Scott Ligon, Nora O’Connor, Casey McDonough.

The Western Elstons featuring Joel Paterson on pedal steel

The Western Elstons at Simon’s July 29th, 2009
Scott Ligon (guitar/Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet)
Casey McDonough (guitar) Jimmy Sutton (bass)
Joel Paterson (steel guitar) Alex Hall (drums)

The music was taken from an Esquivel recording called “You Belong to My Heart”,

drawings done by Sharon Rutledge, featuring the hands of Scott Ligon