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Welcome Back Sailors – I’ll be there

Welcome Back Sailors – A fortune teller song

A duo from the italian province of Reggio Emilia, Welcome Back Sailors‘ first full length album “Yes/Sun” (Limited Edition: 300 copies) is available now on We Were Never Being Boring.

“All we need is just a couple of microphones, a lot of wine and a dozen of musicians from around the world caught between the kitchen and the stairs with the most different instruments in their hands. You can call it a classic jam, or rather a successful joint venture. Simple melodies.”

Still Flyin’ feat The Calorifer Is Very Hot – Flights To Be Lovers
The Calorifer Is Very Hot – One Fell Swoop (Chris Knox cover)

Another homemade summer gift! from We Were Never Being Boring collective, Italy. Still Flyin’ and The Calorifer Is Very Hot! present you a “Flying Smiles in a Hot Hot Summer EP” including ‘One Fell Swoop’ (Chris Knox cover) for this summer.

Welcome Back Sailors – In My Home

Welcome Back Sailors, a duo from Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, now We Were Never Being Boring collective has just released their free download debut single “I’ll Be There.”  Visit the Blog and download the single.

His Clancyness – How It’s Done In Italy
My Bubba & Mi – How It’s Done In Italy

Danish trio My bubba & Mi and Jonathan Clancy aka His Clancyness (from Ottawa now he lives in northern Italy) just released a free digital download of ‘How it’s done in Italy’ for celebrating the one-year anniversary of Italian label We Were Never Being Boring.  ‘How it’s done in Italy’ is an unreleased song written by My bubba & Mi when they recorded their debut full length “How it’s done in Italy” in Italy, available via Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck (benelux) & We Were Never Being Boring.  His Clancyness’ latest full length cassette “Always Mist” is available now via Mirror Universe Tapes.

His Clancyness – Summer Majestic