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Woo are brother’s Mark and Clive Ives, who have been recording music for the past thirty five years. A bedroom band, multi tracking guitars, clarinets with syths and percussion. They created hundreds of tracks, of various styles.”

’1001 Decisions’ is taken from Woo’s latest release “When the Past Arrives” (released on March 18th) via Drag City / Yoga Records, order, HERE.  Woo >> Bandcamp.

Woo “1001 Decisions” (Official Video)

Woo – The Western

Woo – The Bird

WOO are brothers Mark Ives and Clive Ives. Both tracks are taken from their 1990 album “It’s Cosy Inside” (Independent Project), available on woo-music.co.uk. floating somewhere between Eno and Julian Lynch…