Will Sprott‘s latest full-length album “Vortex Numbers” is available NOW via HAIRDO Records.
Recorded by John Blatchford, Brian Parks, Monte Vallier and Greg Ashley.
Cover art by Shana Cleveland (of La Luz).

Taken from the compilation album “In A Cloud II” (2012, Secret Seven Records)

“The first release from Hairdo Records is the Crawdad Cleveland’s Famous Faces 2015, a 12 month calendar featuring your favorite rockers from days of yore! Painted by Shana Cleveland.” order, HERE!

Bill Callahan sings “I Was Sleeping” from “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”

This is Bill Callahan singing “I Was Sleeping” from Brian Beattie’s “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”, part of a live performance at Austin’s State Theater (The Stateside at the Paramount) on November 8th, 2014. 

ブライアン・ビーティ、一家総動員のプロジェクト”Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”、劇場版より。

Taken from the track 24 of Brian Beattie’s “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”. Bill Callahan as “Everything”, a Supreme Deity. He’s been sleeping, so he’s very groggy.

Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase

“An abbreviated journey through the creation and manufacturing of “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”, an Illustrated Earmovie Musical by Brian Beattie, illustrated by Valerie Fowler. “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase” is a 72 minute musical audiodrama that comes in a fully illustrated 62 page book, featuring Daniel Johnston, Bill Callahan, Will Sheff, K. McCarty, James Hand, and starring Grace London as Ivy Wire.”

taken from the track 14 of Brian Beattie’s “Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase”. Will Sheff is Mister Kirby (Okkervil River), the busy 3 headed chief admissions officer for the Eternal Incarceration System. Grace London is Ivy Wire. She puts him to sleep with her mysterious song.


‘Surgery’ is a new music and photography project by American songwriter and folk musician Amy Annelle.  Amy recently underwent major surgery for a chronic medical condition. This project has been set up as a fundraiser, with proceeds going towards medical expenses.
Please make a donation of any amount to the medical fund: HERE.

Grace London Bandcamp

Andy Shauf – I’m Not Falling Asleep
The song is taken from the Andy Shauf 2012 album “The Bearer of Bad News,” coming on February 3rd in US via Tender Loving Empire / Party Damage.  Edited by Mike Dubue. Footage culled from various Saskatchewan Archives Board-produced films 1920-22.

本国カナダでは2012年にリリースされた2作目のフルレングス『The Bearer of Bad News 』のUS盤がポートランドからもうすぐ。ジョアンナ・ニューサム来日時のベアフット・ドラマー、Neal MorganやDragging an Ox through Waterのアルバムも出しているParty Damage、そしてTender Loving Empireとの、どちらもポートランドのレーベルからのコ・リリースです。

Four songs about Sam Jones.
released 20 March 2012

Both tracks are taken from the a cassingle on Bad Actors / Burger Records, Nov 17, 2014.  Michael Rault is a Toronto-via-Edmonton singer, guitarist and songwriter fronting his own eponymously named band.  His latest EP “Living Daylight” (2014, Pirates Blend Records), produced and recorded in collaboration with Renny Wilson (Mint Records), will be released from Burger Records in 2015. 

マック・デマルコやショーン・ニコラス・サヴェージと同じくエドモントンから現れ、現在はトロント・ベースに活動するマルチ・インストゥルメンタリスト / ソングライター・パフォーマー、ミシェル・ローの米Burger Recordsから(本国ではU.S. GirlsやHomeshake、Yacht ClubをリリースするBad Actorsから)のカセットシングル。2014年のEP『Living Daylight』も今年Burger Recordsからリリース予定との由。

Michael Rault – I Want To Love You

Michael Rault covers The Staple Singers
from Whirlpool, released 31 July 2012
Produced by Michael Rault

Nashville’s new duo, STEELISM comprises of Jeremy Fetzer on guitar from Canton, OH and Spencer Cullum on pedal steel from Essex, England.

The duo’s full-length debut “615 to FAME” (2014) is available via Ben Tanner’s Single Lock Records. Half recorded at Muscle Shoals’ historic FAME Studios, produced by Fetzer and Cullum with co-production from Ben Tanner (of the Alabama Shakes), and contributions from longtime Nashville-based collaborators Jon Radford (drums) and Michael Rinne (bass). Also, their latest limited edition 7” vinyl single ‘The Informant’ b/w ‘The Spook’ (Pete Drake cover) is available via Turbo Time Records. Order, HERE.

Steelism – Linus & Lucy

Jam Money – Blowing Stones – Happy Mantle

“Blowing Stones” is the latest release from Spillage Fete Records: a collaboration between
Mat Fowler and Kevin Cormack, with paintings by Aimee Henderson. November 2014.

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